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Hey room! My name is Rachel. I am a pre-nursing student attending Gwinnett Technical College. Thus far, I have completed remedial math, Honors Psych, US History, Research Strat, Choices for Life, with strat and choices for GPC pre-reqs, but I transferred. I am currently taking College Algebra(Summer) and will begin science courses this Fall(2012). So the droop and withdraw rate at the college is and est. 50%. Holy guacamole...So, for my situation I am married, living at home with my husband's family and our 8 month old, Kaleb. I can't afford a babysitter so I work to days out of the week, which gives me plenty of time to play with my son :). I stay home during the day and take things slow, maybe to times a week when it comes to my class schedule.

That being said, I will begin Anatomy 1 and Lab. I chose the hybrid class for Tuesdays on campus from 6p-7:20, and then the same instructor for the Lab Tuesdays 7:30p-10:20. I am taking one science course at a time. So I should finish pre-reqs next Fall(2013). I anyone else doing something along those lines who wants a consistent study buddy. My hours are pretty fair and flexible too. I like working together for a common cause. If not, but still you are attending the school, and would like to share, by all means pls do. Thanks for reading and hopefully we can meet!

Have a Blessed week!

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Hi, I am also aiming to get in their RN Program by January 15, 2014! I'm so glad I found your post! I start my pre-reqs this August. I'll be taking 5 classes this upcoming Semester (by the way, my 1st semester at GT) and then the Biology pre-reqs all next year. I wouldn't mind a study buddy!

Email me when you get a chance, I don't live too far away from the school either. Oh, and I have a 10 month old son at home so.. I think you and I will be able to relate on a lot of levels. :) Talk to you soon!

E: [email protected]

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hello ladies im in the same boat lol married 3 children 9yrs, 18m and 8m I will start my prereqs in August. email me [email protected]

We should all get together for a cup of tea/coffee or lunch. :)

Hello I don't attend GTC but I'm wondering if they have information sessions at your school?? These sessions are great because they go over the program in detail. Outside of the Teas is there another test to take?

Hi Ladies, I will attending gwinnett tech this fall for the first time as well and will be taking anatomy 1 (I cant remember my other 2 classes..hehe) I would love to interact with others as we make it through all of the nursing pre-reqs

Hi - I am looking to start taking classes this August also.

My name is Nikki - my e-mail is [email protected]

We should meet up :-)

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@Nurse2b: They do have info sessions at GTC, both general and for the nursing program. Contact the GTC recruitment office for more information -- I believe you have to register for the session.

The GTC nursing program using the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam.

(I'm shooting for Fall 2013 entrance.)

Thanks for the reply. So do you have to take the Kaplan test mentioned along with the Teas??

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GTC does not use the TEAS test. Once you apply for the ADN program, if you meet the pre-requisite requirements, you receive an invitation to sit for the Kaplan exam.

Does the Kaplan compare to the Teas exam ?

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