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Born and raised in New York.. later on moved to Philly. Lived there for a few years until my parents purchased a house in GA. I then moved to GA but not long before moving to Los Angeles to be with my fiance (now husband). We have now settled down in the state of GA. We had our first baby in August of 2011.. we consider him our miracle because the doctors said we wouldn't be able to conceive. However, God decided otherwise. :) I do a lot of volunteer work for my community. From offering free makeup services to teenage girls from low-income families during prom season.. to volunteering at my local police headquarters. After 7 years of considering a career in Nursing.. everything has finally fallen into place to give myself the opportunity to pursue my passion of caring for others.

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  1. NyLALove

    Is she trying to intimidate me?

    I would take her comments as just being insecure about her own ability to enter the program. *rolls her eyes* Girls like that make me sick.
  2. This Fall semester will be my first semester at GTC.. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on financial aid. I've already purchased my textbooks at the bookstore (using my financial aid credit) on Thursday.. but I'm wondering how long will it take before they mail you the financial aid check for the rest of your expenses? Thank you and good luck to everyone this semester!!
  3. NyLALove

    NCLEX tutor, A&P tutor, Medicine tutor...

    If only you could bring your tutors with you when taking the exam! To cheer you on! LOL
  4. NyLALove

    Should I take medical terminology as an elective?

    It's not a requirement for my school.. however, I plan on taking it. I think it's a very good course to take so you have a deeper understanding of medical terminology.. as opposed to just memorizing definitions.
  5. It will definitely depend on your school. At my school, they will only look at the most recent grade and will only count that one.
  6. NyLALove

    Pulled my transcripts and about fell over HELP!!!!!!

    I think it depends on the school that you're applying too.. However, from what I know, they only look at the GPA of the pre-reqs along with your score on the entrance exam.
  7. NyLALove

    How many times/years did it take to get accepted.

    Just curious..... do they say WHY you get rejected? Or do they just stamp a big fat "DENIED" on your application? LOL :)
  8. NyLALove

    FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!!

  9. NyLALove

    How are you going to do it?

    You can work part time hours. Is that an option for you? I mean, financially..
  10. I don't know where in GA you live but Gwinnett Tech offers online classes..
  11. NyLALove

    Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome! Keep us posted!
  12. *this is true for my school. my english 1101 transferred in from a prior school and i got an a in that class. this transferred class/credit (pre-req) will count in the overall gpa of the pre-req courses (only).
  13. NyLALove

    Patients you will NEVER forget.

    Wow. Thank you for sharing their story with us.. :redbeathe
  14. NyLALove

    Non-Nursing Undergrad trying to get into Nursing

    I sent you a PM.. :)
  15. NyLALove

    I got accepted into nursing school!!!!

  16. NyLALove

    Why I Chose Nursing..

    i was just curious.. why did you choose a career in nursing? i always love to read everyone's story. please share. :)