Guys did you have a role model that inspired you to become a nurse?


Hi guys and any girls that may be reading this. For the past couple of years, I have considered pursuing a nursing degree. I have volunteered in the emergency room of a hospital and at a skilled nursing facility and I understand what nurses do. What I value most about nursing is the patient care aspect. I also like how nurses can work in many specialties and further their education if they want to.

What makes me hesitant about applying to nursing school is my lack of finding a male role model to inspire me. Through volunteering, I have seen some nurses that are men and they do an awesome job caring for patients. Since the nursing workforce is mainly composed of females, it is hard for me to choose this career when I don't have anyone to look up to. If that makes any sense. I appreciate you all taking the time to read this and all comments are welcome. Thanks and have a good day!


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Hey I'm a guy and I don't have any guy nurses that I look up to, but I have plenty of female nurses that I look up to. The above was just for clarifications sake but honestly in today's world, we shouldn't be saying male nurse or female nurse in that way anymore. Look for a nurse that you aspire to be like, doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl. A nurse is a nurse. It doesn't have to be specifically a guy or a girl. Look at the skills and mindset that they bring.

There's only one other male nurse on my floor but what difference does it make. I treat him the same way as I do all my other colleagues. I talk to him the same way and I expect the same from him as I would from others. With the exception of putting down the toilet seat after I'm done, and this is just because it makes so much more sense for me to make things easier for everyone else, there's practically no difference at work whether they're male or female.

My point is if you're looking for a role model based on their gender then you're not looking for a nurse role model, you're looking for a man role model. If you're looking for a nurse role model then their actions and brains are the only criteria you need.

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I guess I did have a role model, which is my older brother (who is also a nurse); however, it wasn't like I wanted to be just like him. It was simply that he did nursing which was a stable job as well as enjoyable yet interesting at times, something that he told me about that I should look into, but he wasn't really my inspiration or complete role model. That was pretty much it. When I started nursing school and worked in the hospital, I found my own inspiration. My brother simply just paved the way for my academic and career goals and simply gave me advice. I don't think you necessarily need a person/role model to inspire you. You might find something within nursing that inspires you to become a nurse.


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Honestly, nursing school/a nursing career is challenging and you must have the drive and determination within yourself. Don't look for inspiration from someone else, look within.

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I didn't have one, but you can look at anybody who pioneered something, or was great at something, and use their passion and drive to inspire you. You can be your own role model, visualize the type of nurse you wish to become, and strive to achieve that goal.

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As a male nursing student, I don't think I need to find a male to look up to in the field. I recognized a long time ago that I don't need a role model of the same gender as myself to look up to. I work as a secretary in a NICU and there's only one male nurse.

There are a couple of nurses who I work with who have kind of taken me under their wing and make an effort to show me thing's that are out of the ordinary and explain what causes them and what problems it may cause for the patient. There's one nurse in particular who seems to make the extra effort to show me things or just teach me things in general about the profession even though she obviously has her own stuff to take care of during the day. She can explain anything in a way that someone else could understand it, knows the answer to pretty much every question whether it be about patient care or the general running of the unit, and is always willing to teach someone if they will listen to her. Basically she's superwoman. I do have other nursing role models such as my parents but it's an entirely different learning experience when the knowledge is coming from someone who you have a professional relationship with rather than learning from your parents who have been teaching you for your whole life.

If you can find someone who is willing to teach you or guide you in any way I would suggest picking their brain. The knowledge an experienced nurse is extremely useful whether it comes from a male or female.


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My Father who passed away 6 years ago from pancreatic cancer was a wonderful nurse and the best father anyone could ask for! I am in the trucking industry for the past 40 years and burned out to the max. So I started my prereqs. for nursing and I'm loving it. My dad never steered any one of his six children toward being a nurse he always told us do what makes you happy but remember family is always the most important. So I know I have it in my genes so at 58 years old I'm going for it. Thank you Dad for everything you have sacrificed for your family, I Love You!


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During EMT school, I looked up to my instructor. He was an extremely intelligent man. He had his Paramedic, BSN, Phd. I learned so much from him and he steered me towards pursuing a career in nursing. Just like everyone else in this thread is saying; doesn't matter if it's male or female. If they are a bada** nurse, look up to them and learn.


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I'm a woman and my father became a nurse before me and mentored me into becoming one!


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well done I'm 52 and in my first year of nursing studies.Im finding it tough but Ill keep going its a completely new career for me I worked in a bar for the past 15 years so it should be a lot more satisfying looking after people who are sick.Best of luck to you.


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A nurse practitioner who saved my life. I don't even know her name, but it solidified my desire to be a nurse. Before that it was the wonderful nurses at my gastroenterologist clinic.

Before I was kind of lukewarm about the whole feasibility given my past issues, but I decided to just go for it when I was told I could die.

Lifes to short for the amount of regrets I have. So I threatened to sign AMA in order to take my finals.

I admire just about every nurse I have met.