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  1. honeyforasalteyfish

    Nursing and Personality

    I have never been able to pin mine down on those analytical exams. I either get INTP, or ENTP. So the ntp aspects probably apply, but I would guess I fall somewhere close to the middle on the introvert extrovert spectrum.
  2. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    OMG JMURSE!!! That is my miracle pill. I had already heard of it, and was planning on switching to it in a few months when my new insurance kicks in. I had heard it didn't have some of the side effects certraline does. Which is why I was considering it. It is supposed to have mild side effects while still being effective. So I will definitely be talking about it soon. Thanks.
  3. honeyforasalteyfish

    Why did you want to become a nurse?

    I am not a nurse, and I may never be one. Though I am pursuing it. I had several reasons. I never completed my education in no small part due to health reasons it always irked me to death, but going back at an older age I wanted a useful degree that would justify the time, and expenditure. For a time I was making roughy 50k a year with no degree, but it had insane turnover rates, and the skills there really translated no where else. So job security the ability to find work played a role in my decision. I didn't consider it before being exposed to nurses. I didn't turn my nose up at it, the thought had simply never crossed my mind, but I wish it had. Upon doing more research I liked what I saw. The huge draws for me were the ridiculous amount of degree paths, the ability to continue my education very far, job security, a job on my feet, a job I actually care about, solid pay, insane health benefits for the current climate, really good lateral job movement, really good upward movement, and finally the ability to break my education into chunks while still hoping to pick it up someday if I was ever ready for more. I considered trying for med school, because well I wanted to test my limits, but that really wasn't what I wanted. Not saying I could, or couldn't do it, or make any implications about what is better. DNP degrees are PHD programs, and someday if I get that far I can still try for one. However life happens, and breaking advancements into chunks appealed to me more. I wanted to work in healthcare, and always having the ability to further my education while bringing a real skill to bear that offered some level of security. Someday I may want to settle down, so the flexible path options really appealed to me. Nursing just seems to offer more of what I am looking for than any other pursuit. Everybodies reasons are different. It's not my place to lecture, and really if you contribute to my health your reasons are irrelevant to me. Mine though have so far been a mix of pragmatic, and idealistic. Which is why I found it so tempting to pursue. Oh ya, and I love blabbing about my reasons for going for it. Because it makes me feel more confident in my decisions. I am serious that is not snark.
  4. honeyforasalteyfish

    First day of CNA Orientation- what to expect???

    Well everywhere is different. The best people you could orient with though would make you be hands on, while not putting any one in an awkward position. I would try to learn by doing as much as you can. It will make you more comfortable as you go on. Gooood Luck!!!
  5. Also if I may submit this to you. I have been down dark roads where I did quit, and others times where I didn't. I always hated when people told me everything would be ok. Because I knew that it was a cop out white lie, but it was given in the hopes however small it might help. If you are looking for a reason to hang on this is all I can honestly say. Terrible things happen to good people for no reason, but good things also happen for no apparent reason. There is always a chance you might get an unexpected boon in your life. They tend to come more frequently to those who don't quit. Because when it happens they are more ready for it, and they can latch on and not let go. That is just my opinion. I am sorry I can't offer you more than that.
  6. Well, I am sorry you are in such a rough spot. I am twenty eight, so I am not the best person for advice. First though you should congratulate yourself on getting into a nursing program with such difficulties. That could not have been easy. You must be a woman of incredible capabilities just to be there. My advice is meet with your proffesor when you can. They have often been there, and if you explain your situation they will likely give you much better advice than I can. Especially about how, what, and when to study. I am sorry for your husband.
  7. honeyforasalteyfish

    Cna pay Hampton, VA

    It's going to vary heavily depending on the position, and if you have any relevant additional certifications. I saw the median yearly salary posted at 28k, but again it's going to vary heavily based off your qualifications. Your experience should help there.
  8. honeyforasalteyfish

    School 9 months for a 16,000 piece of paper.

    Find out the big healthcare providers in your are. Often they have consolidated postings on their website. Apply to as many as you can. Often HR will take notice. It may not get you your dream job, but showing an interest in any position with the organization could help. They will probably send you where they think you can help the most. Most allow you to transfer after a period of time though if you want to move elsewhere. Best advice I can give. It worked for me in a very good way landing my current job, and I happened to get a call from my top organizational choice. Albeit not my first facility choice, but I enjoy where they placed me. In my albeit small experience often HR starts the hiring process for multiple facilities. I know this because I spammed a few orginizations with applications at multiple facilities, and when I got hired the hr manager mentioned it. I told her I really wanted to work for that orginization which was true. Now hr wasn't the only one who approved my hire. My interview was with the current don. You will have to pass the interview process with whoever the relevant manager is at that facility. But you can't do that if you can't get an interview. Getting human resources to notice you can get your foot in the door for that interview. Good Luck!!!
  9. honeyforasalteyfish

    The value of a CNA

    Yes I know the stereotypes, and it filled me with a great deal of fear pursuing the job. I am so glad I did. I am endeavoring to become a RN. When I started I didn't even know what a CNA was much less their value. I only became a CNA because one of my target ADN programs required the certification as a prerequisite. Well now I am going for a BSN. Not because I don't value an ADN degree, but because I had always intended to get my BSN after my ADN. I was hoping I could save a lot of money getting the ADN, and then the BSN. Plus I wanted to get to work quicker, and an ADN offered that. The stereotypes if we are being honest are these. You are a poop cleaning bed maker, but it's so much more than that. Yes I clean poop, and yes I make beds. I do so much more than that though. Firstly though poop needs to be cleaned. Preventative care in my opinion is the right way for healthcare to move, and it doesn't get much more preventative than basic hygiene. That means never leaving some one soiled. It can lead to terrible consequences such as rashes, and infections. My biggest fear wasn't the poop. One of my fears was how patients who could not do it for themselves would react to me cleaning them. They all tend to be grateful, and apologetic about it. Which humbles me more than cleaning the poop itself ever could. It sucks they need me to do it. I know I would likely be toed about it. So many are apologizing to me like it's their fault I am cleaning their poop, and rubbing them with lotion. No that's my job. My job isn't to clean poop. It's to contribute to the health of those I care for. That means hygiene. Which makes me glad to do it. Because I know it may prevent them from becoming ill on account of poor hygeine. I wish I could tell them you never need apologize to me for being in this state. In fact I have said don't apologize to me it's my job, and I am happy to do it. I am just glad you are letting me do it so you can feel better. Having expressed all that it's a small part of of my job, albeit neccesary. So much of my job is preventative. One of the biggest aspects of my job is managing fall risks. To a healthy person this may seem trivial, but to a compromised person it might save their life if I am vigilant at the right moment. I don't want them getting hurt, and doing that takes a team. A team I am a part of. It means responding to anyone who might be in danger of this. Which means responding to alarms, and keeping your eyes open. It's about prevention first, and foremost. I also need to report signs of deteriating health. I can't treat these, but I can make the people who can aware of it. The more eyes the better. So vitals are another huge part of my job. It may seem routine, and often it is. It would be at least in an ideal world. That isn't how it works. Catching a sudden fever at 99, or 100 before it goes higher can really help keeping people healthy when it comes to it. My favorite part of the job though is the people. Both my co-workers, and the people I care for. It really does brighten my day to see them again, and anytime I can I wish to brighten theirs. It's what I am there for. If you are considering becoming a CNA, it's crazy hard work don't think it isn't, but it's worth it. When you do the job right people are incredibly grateful to you. Monetarily you won't be rich, but it's still a good job. It can lead to so many other roads. As healthcare offers some of the best benefits packages, and that includes CNAs. It can help you with achieving numerous other healthcare jobs. Also as a CNA you can take additional classes that further your skills. One of these is phlebotomy. These things will increase your compensation. I wouldn't do it for the money, or benefits. Still they can be very attractive if you approach it right, and that doesn't hurt. It's a wonderful job for me because by helping others I am helping myself. I couldn't love my job more. Well if they installed a coffee fountain yes I could love it more. I love coffee that is not an insinuation about the job. So free vanilla ice cream also would make me love it more. All that however us besides the point it's well worth it in my opinion.
  10. honeyforasalteyfish

    Thank you community college nursing program

    You know men go into nursing right? You know an ADN is probably the most difficult associate to achieve in this country? It ain't no art degree. You also know there are ADN to bsn program. Even if some one wants their bsn an ADN could save them a chuck ton of money. There is no need to demean ADN degrees. It's difficult, an acomplishment, and useful for building a future. There are even some ADN to MSN for the truly ambitious. Really though who are you to tell others you have a problem with how they run their life. You don't seem to tolerate any one doing it for you. I meant to quote menot, not jengirl. I think the skewed original quotations lead me to quote the wrong person.
  11. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    Dint critic me spelling! That was a joke. I couldn't edit my original post.
  12. honeyforasalteyfish

    Should I intervene?

    Not a nurse, but I would advise doing nothing that compromises YOUR efficiency. If you want to and can help do it. Don't compromise yourself in the process though. My opinion about life. A very good sign would be if they sought you out. Again not a nurse so take my opinion for what it's worth. I have had other jobs though. If a person is not willing to learn there is nothing you can do. If they seek you out that is a good sign in my opinion. As they recognized a problem, and are trying to correct it. Before then you can insinuate it, but you might meet with a brick wall if you do otherwise. You can't help people who don't want it.
  13. honeyforasalteyfish

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    I work with a few philipinos. I think they are great. My take is if you are an immigrant certain things are non-negotiable assimilation aspects of a country. One is the core values. In Americas case I would say. 1. Free speech. 2. Sepperation of church and state 3. Learn the primary language. That is what allows us to be multicultural. I think it unreasonable however to expect immigrants to comepletely abandon their native culture. In fact I welcome them spreading it as long as it coincides with the nations core principals. I am of European descent. I keep tabs on Europe despite not being born there. Why would I expect different from any one else? I used to work with a lot of Mexicans. Being the white guy a lot of people would request me. Fine by me, but I knew a lot of the Spanish speaking Mexicans could do a better job than me. Because they taught me that job.
  14. honeyforasalteyfish

    FAILED. Now what?

    28 still going for nursing. You got two options 1. Quit 2. Try again If you do the second identify problems so it doesn't happen again. Also if your problems are financial a lot of jobs offer tuition reimbursement as a CNA. They all have different criteria, but if you have to work anyways. You might as well try to get one of those if you can. I believe some one mentioned experience. Well being an experienced CNA you may find yourself very attractive for a job that still carries benefits like tuition reimbursement.
  15. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    I have it. Albeit a very mild case. Diagnosed as a child. My parents were told it was to mild to *edit* I mean medicate. I asked for medication at one point because I was having trouble focusing. I was told it wasn't possible because of depression. So I have to force myself to become interested. When I do ussually it's great I can get mountains of work done in a short stretch. When I get to ahead though I have trouble getting focussed again, and that causes problems. Its a mild case, so it could be quite different from others. My patrents told me. I don't remeber the diagnoses. I find I need to enjoy the topic, or it probably won't end well for me. I was like that as a kid. Sometimes I would excel, but then I would become disinterested because I knew I had time. Well sooner, or later time runs out, and while at times I would excel at others I wouldn't nearly live up to my perceived potential. Of course every one always telling Because I could do mountains of work I started relying on it, and that wasn't healthy. I still do it though. I know if I don't force myself to enjoy a topic I will fail. I do well at times when I am riding high. Bumps I don't handle so well. Because I have been down that road so many times. So either I pack it in when I am still in a good position, or I overcompensate. Its probably not relatable to other people's experiences. As it's supposed to be a very mild case, but I do love being on my feet. Frequently I volunteer for high movement jobs. Just so I can stay active. I enjoy distractions. So I try to translate my work into a pastime, so I never fail to stay engaged. Sooner, or later though my mind starts to wander again. Especially when I feel like I am not at my best. Which lately has been all the time. I try to distance myself from any distractions, but either that leads to me working to much, or having no work to do at points. Which leads ads me to wander back to distractions I know I should avoid. Because they just become to frequent to try to keep up with. Because everything interests me, and that's why sometimes it's hard to focus on the things that should be focused on. It ussually ends up leading to all work and no play, or all play and no work. I think I need a focused hobby for this. As keeping my attention on something tends to keep me out of trouble. Its weird I don't like relaxing things, except sleep. So hobby
  16. honeyforasalteyfish

    Thank you community college nursing program

    Ya life's rough. Things aren't the way they should be. Its the story of the human race, nobodies immune to it, and I am sorry for you. I know how it feels to want a helping hand. I have found more than a few hands willing to offer me something, though never the grandiose you never have to worry hand. Many people need help, and there is incredible suffering in this world. It's the history of the human species. Little hands a plenty make for swift labor. Life taught me that. Hope things get better for you, and yours.

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