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Define yourself, because its you who has to look in the mirror. -me

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  1. honeyforasalteyfish

    Nursing and Personality

    I have never been able to pin mine down on those analytical exams. I either get INTP, or ENTP. So the ntp aspects probably apply, but I would guess I fall somewhere close to the middle on the introvert extrovert spectrum.
  2. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    OMG JMURSE!!! That is my miracle pill. I had already heard of it, and was planning on switching to it in a few months when my new insurance kicks in. I had heard it didn't have some of the side effects certraline does. Which is why I was consideri...
  3. honeyforasalteyfish

    Why did you want to become a nurse?

    I am not a nurse, and I may never be one. Though I am pursuing it. I had several reasons. I never completed my education in no small part due to health reasons it always irked me to death, but going back at an older age I wanted a useful degree th...
  4. honeyforasalteyfish

    First day of CNA Orientation- what to expect???

    Well everywhere is different. The best people you could orient with though would make you be hands on, while not putting any one in an awkward position. I would try to learn by doing as much as you can. It will make you more comfortable as you go ...
  5. honeyforasalteyfish

    Tips on Getting Through Pre-Nursing from a Fellow Pre-Nursing Student

    Also if I may submit this to you. I have been down dark roads where I did quit, and others times where I didn't. I always hated when people told me everything would be ok. Because I knew that it was a cop out white lie, but it was given in the hop...
  6. honeyforasalteyfish

    Tips on Getting Through Pre-Nursing from a Fellow Pre-Nursing Student

    Well, I am sorry you are in such a rough spot. I am twenty eight, so I am not the best person for advice. First though you should congratulate yourself on getting into a nursing program with such difficulties. That could not have been easy. You must ...
  7. honeyforasalteyfish

    Cna pay Hampton, VA

    It's going to vary heavily depending on the position, and if you have any relevant additional certifications. I saw the median yearly salary posted at 28k, but again it's going to vary heavily based off your qualifications. Your experience should ...
  8. honeyforasalteyfish

    School 9 months for a 16,000 piece of paper.

    Find out the big healthcare providers in your are. Often they have consolidated postings on their website. Apply to as many as you can. Often HR will take notice. It may not get you your dream job, but showing an interest in any position with the ...
  9. honeyforasalteyfish

    The value of a CNA

    Yes I know the stereotypes, and it filled me with a great deal of fear pursuing the job. I am so glad I did. I am endeavoring to become a RN. When I started I didn't even know what a CNA was much less their value. I only became a CNA because one ...
  10. honeyforasalteyfish

    Thank you community college nursing program

    You know men go into nursing right? You know an ADN is probably the most difficult associate to achieve in this country? It ain't no art degree. You also know there are ADN to bsn program. Even if some one wants their bsn an ADN could save them a ...
  11. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    Dint critic me spelling! That was a joke. I couldn't edit my original post.
  12. honeyforasalteyfish

    Should I intervene?

    Not a nurse, but I would advise doing nothing that compromises YOUR efficiency. If you want to and can help do it. Don't compromise yourself in the process though. My opinion about life. A very good sign would be if they sought you out. Agai...
  13. honeyforasalteyfish

    One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    I work with a few philipinos. I think they are great. My take is if you are an immigrant certain things are non-negotiable assimilation aspects of a country. One is the core values. In Americas case I would say. 1. Free speech. 2. Sepperation...
  14. honeyforasalteyfish

    FAILED. Now what?

    28 still going for nursing. You got two options 1. Quit 2. Try again If you do the second identify problems so it doesn't happen again. Also if your problems are financial a lot of jobs offer tuition reimbursement as a CNA. They al...
  15. honeyforasalteyfish

    What Does Hyperactive ADHD Look Like?

    I have it. Albeit a very mild case. Diagnosed as a child. My parents were told it was to mild to *edit* I mean medicate. I asked for medication at one point because I was having trouble focusing. I was told it wasn't possible because of depress...
  16. honeyforasalteyfish

    Thank you community college nursing program

    Ya life's rough. Things aren't the way they should be. Its the story of the human race, nobodies immune to it, and I am sorry for you. I know how it feels to want a helping hand. I have found more than a few hands willing to offer me somethi...