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I would like to hear from VA nurses or US govt nurses. Do you like your jobs, pay and benefits? Two of my friends worked for the VA Dallas hospital and they reported the med surg/ ICU staffing was... Read More

  1. by   djv
    I can tell you the best VA to work at here in NC if you like, I work there and have being a Patient.
    Quote from newnurse2005
    You should definitely call the HR/nurse recruiter at the location you're interested working at. That's how I found out there were new grad RN openings - which are STILL not posted online. I'm sure that the pay is probably better than at your community hospitals, plus the benefits alone are great. Good luck!
  2. by   sdrn04
    Which VA in NC is the best?
  3. by   djv
    Hi Folks: I have a number of you people asking me about the VA Hospital and which one is the best to work at, as it stand now Asheville NC Va is on my top list.
    Here is a run down on the Va's and other info, I hope this might help.
    The VA in Asheville NC: Is a Tertiary care Facility, it has 112 acute medical and 120 extended care. Most of the local VA in NC, VA, Tenn, are sent here because of the expert's in there area of Training.
    Salisbury VA: 159 Hospital beds,270 Nursing home beds, 55 Psychosocial Resident Rehab, and Treatment program beds. It is a acute Medicare cardiology in which has came alone way, most of these type of patient's went to Asheville VA, but now Salisbury have there own Doctor's. Surgery, is #1 with great surgery staff. Psychiatry,Physical Rehab, Intermediate and extended care.
    Here again I hope that this will help and if I can be of any further please let me know, May God Bless you for being in the medical filed and for the work you folks do, as a Vet I Thank You.
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  5. by   1studentnurse
    Anyone have any info on working for the VA in MO? I've been offered a position and I'd appreciate the info on any of the MO VA hospitals. May start in St. Louis, but may need to move to Columbia.
  6. by   dreamon
    I know this is an older thread- but does anyone know if the VA hospital in Manhattan is one of the 'good' VAs or a 'bad' one?

    Also if someone has been treated for depression in the past, will that affect them getting hired in any way?

    I think I may need treatment, but I was warned in the past that having that on my record can affect my future employment choices.
  7. by   SeychelleRN
    Quote from dreamon
    Also if someone has been treated for depression in the past, will that affect them getting hired in any way?
    If you are not requesting accommodation and can perform your job safely, I don't see why you would need to tell your employer. With disclosure, be prepared for probing into your medical records. However, here are sites that might help you with the decision:
    Disclosing your disability to your employer.
    How does the federal government define disability?
  8. by   vanursmanager
    I am truly disappointed to hear your experience was so bad; I came to VA 11/2 years ago from the private sector; our facility has a vision of excellence we are working hard to achieve...we have acquired new talent from outside the VA to balance the longer-tenured staff and keep them from getting stale. I hope you will not allow one experience to sour you on an opportunity to work with the population most deserving of excellent care: our nation's heroes, the veterans.
  9. by   vanursmanager
    Please don't give up: things can look and be better. Ask your manager to assign you a mentor to learn from; you have a tremendous opportunity to help our nation's veterans, and the resources are there to help you. Look on your intranet at the education portal for your facility - there are many trainings available to assist you as you grow in your career.
  10. by   vanursmanager
    I work for the Dallas VA and love it - we have a great nurse executive who is very supportive of nursing and patient-centered care; we are also on a Magnet journey. Benefits are as good or better than my private sector past...and nurses are limited only by their attitude, intelligence and ambition at our facility. We serve the best population in the world and I am happy every day I go to work.
  11. by   westinqun
    Any info about the Va in houston, tx? Reading these post are scaring me abit. I understand red tape is synonymous with the government. But I am worried about nurse to patient ratio. Any info about the houston facility would be appreciated.
  12. by   jeckrn
    For the most part the nurse patient ratio at VA hospitals is good. But it varies from VA to VA. One nice thing about working for the VA is that there is no call offs for low patient census.
  13. by   bestallaround
    ]I worked as an LPN for 5years before going to work at the VA. I took a pay cut to take a job as a GS-6. Of course, the benefits are great, compared to where I had come from. I was also shocked by the lazy workers, the incompetence, the call outs, the short staffing, the high turn over, etc. It's true you have to jump through hoops to get a promotion. Many nurses with many degrees and certifications under their belt, but poor quality care, poor attitude. I have heard that our VA is well staffed, but I realized that they have more nurses in administrative and office positions, walking around in heels and white lab coats, than they do actually doing hands-on direct patient care. I also have a problem with alot of the physicians. We have some docs that just can't seem to follow protocol. They don't seem to understand when we say "hey, you have to put in the order, we are not allowed to take verbal orders" or "you have to come look at this patient" . They do not work with the nursing staff as a team.

    ]I don't recommend the VA to any LPN fresh out of school. They pretty much treat you like a nursing assistant and if you don't have any experience they will start you at poverty pay. Go somewhere where you can get some good experience and perfect your skills cause the VA has restrictions on what they allow LPNs to do.