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Hello to all Navy NCP students! I am graduating in two months and finally got an email from Bethesda that I can now contact detailer for ODS dates and first duty station. I cannot believe it takes so... Read More

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    I was a direct commission in 2008 with no civilian nursing experience.
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    Hello called-to-serve,

    That would be a great idea! I'm already on linked-in and would enjoy a group dedicated to the May ODS class :-) . There is also a Facebook group dedicated to Navy officer development school (that is what you look up when you're on FB and it should pop up). I'll have to mess with linked-in and see how to create a group, not sure how to do that yet :-) .
    BSN-NavyNurse....I saw from a few posts ago you are from Chicago and went to Chamberlain. I am guessing we have/had the same recruiter then, as she is the only for the Chicagoland area (and is awesome). I'm starting at Resurrection in January and my kit is currently being looked over with a find toothed comb before it goes to the boards (which, for NCP this year is not convening until Nov, as there are not enough to convene a board for Oct). I'm not sure if you have already stated this but would you mind telling me what your GPA was, how you interviews went, etc, and then (thinking positively) how long after you found out you were selected that you signed and how that was orchestrated? Thanks so much...the waiting is killing me and lurking through these old posts is what is getting me through (womp womp)