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  1. by   VivaLasViejas
    I guess I should have clarified what I meant when I said my daughter has become a political agnostic: she says she has no OFFICIAL opinions of any kind as a uniformed member of the United States Army. That doesn't mean she doesn't care about politics; indeed, one of the reasons she joined the military was to give something back to her country, although travel and college benefits did play a part in her decision. But even as an enlisted person, she cannot criticize her commander-in-chief, not even in the privacy of home when she is in civilian clothes.

    I understand that, and I've accepted the fact that she and I can no longer enjoy the long political and philosophical discussions we used to engage least, not as long as she is an active member of the armed forces. I don't even bring up such topics when she's home; it's just something we all know not to discuss, especially since dh, our oldest son, and I are all emphatically anti-war and anti-Bush. To be honest, I don't even know anymore what she thinks......I suspect her opinions have changed a bit, because she IS in the military, she's lived in the pro-Bush South now for almost 2 years, and she actually wanted to go to Iraq before she was in the MVA last year that cost her much of the use of her left hand.

    But it's all good, and hey, in a few years Bush will be out of office, dd will be out of the service, and we'll all be a little older and the meantime, we just shut up, and allow our soldier to do her duty without making it any harder on her than it has to be.:angel2:
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    well said Marla!
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    Marla - Thanks for the support of your daughter, US Soldier, HOOAH!
  4. by   joshuaclay
    i got just as many pay raises under clinton as i did under bush. and clinton didn't gut the va....bush did and is. my $0.02.
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from joshuaclay
    i got just as many pay raises under clinton as i did under bush. and clinton didn't gut the va....bush did and is. my $0.02.
    All for gutting the VA hospital system.

    They should have a Medicare Part V for Vet and let vets go to the local hospitals.

  6. by   joshuaclay
    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    All for gutting the VA hospital system.

    They should have a Medicare Part V for Vet and let vets go to the local hospitals.

    maybe so. but they should put something in place BEFORE they take away what's there.
  7. by   smarter
    Hello, I love the quote from MLK. I do not agree with this war. American people have been framed into believing this is a just war. It isn't. You have been lied to. And W did a good job scaring the hell out of people. Lets live in fear! The 9-ll was a set up. FYI: I am a Navy Veteran, I serviced 1967-1971. I doubt if I could do it again. However, I had excellent mentors and the learning experiences I had helped pave the way for my Nursing career. I have enjoyed the benefits. The military is not for every one. Remember, you can get in, but you can't get out. I don't know, are we ready for another marble wall with thousands of names in D.C.?
  8. by   The Sphynx
    As a former service member, Ex-demo and ex-repub, I stay anti-partisan.
    I admit to giving Bush a big pass especially after the Clinton Administration
    as a matter of fairness).

    President Bush is the Chief commander. You don't have to like or dislike him. You can choose to respect or not respect him. However, regardless of one's feelings, you have to respect the position he occupies. Don't let your dislike for any president to interfere with your respect for the position. Do not fall prey to the political distortions of either side of the isle.

    If you choose to serve your country you are a definite patriot. Wars have
    no bearing on it. That is the mission we are given. We did'nt agree with
    vietnam, Iraq 1, Bosnia, Grenada,ect...

    As a nurse in the military, you are their for the troops to care for the sick and injured. You are also there to provide care for the civilian people caught in the middle of the war, and the enemy combatant (like us, is serving their country for similar reason) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TERRORISTS BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO DO IT OUT OF MORAL OBLIGATION!

    What is said politically is to be said behind close doors and not in public
    forums. The Military has evolved republican as the democratic party has
    shifted away to pacifism over the last 35 years. Like the democrats years ago, the republicans are now declining in the number of veterans who have served their country through military service.

    Don't let the war or our presidents define your willingness to serve our
    country. Your service alone will define you in an age when so few are willing to serve anything or anyone.
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  10. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Miss Mab
    Being opposed to this poorly justified and thought out war and in opposition to the current regime in no way makes one "questionable" military material.

    A good officer who can do his/her job to the best of their ability and not engage in divisive politics on duty is most certainly military material.

    In fact, more credit should be given to someone willing to make the sacrifices necessary to join the military at this point in time when they are fully aware of the ramifications of a policy they are choosing to follow while knowing they disagree with much of it.

    That is the definition of a true professional and someone you should be proud to serve with.

    all very well and good however there are those who can NOT do thier job because of their beliefes and that is a dangerous position fo rthe rest of the people that need them to have their back. as someone else said - i believe the majority of the military support our leader and our war against terrorists ( my son has spent the majority of the last 3 yrs on the front line of iraq) however there are a few they had to transfer to the back and as far back as possible cause they just couldnt support the whole scene causing potential disaster to the rest of the crew. when a terrorists is shooting at you you have to be able to shoot back or your toast and so may be your comrades. if one is that opposed i would think twoice about going in cause you HAVE to be able to have the backs of your fellow military. my opinion. if my health were better - and i were young enough to go id be there in a heartbeat - i totally agree with the whole ball of wax and think its unfortunate bush cant be reelected. god save us all if we get some nuckelehead who pulls us out and brings the war here. just my opinion.
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  12. by   macanes
    Quote from baby_gurl0604
    Well, keeping one's political opinion's to themself may be necessary for someone to be a good officer, but I DO NOT believe that political apathy or conforming one's opinion's are requirements or necessary to succeed. Last time i checked, an officer is supposed to be a leader, not a follower. I have the right to support anything I want. I may choose not to express my views to people and keep quiet about some things, but you can not tell people what they can and can't believe. That is the principal this country was founded upon!
    Glad you posted that last caveat. In fact, you do not have the same rights to espose political views as civilians. The officer who wrote that the blue officers' sticker on his car required him to remove the campaign sticker was exactly right. I know a lot of military folks drove around with "W" on their car the past few years, but that doesn't make it right. Just because I agree with them, doesn't make it the right thing to do. Officers have been chastised or cashiered in the past for publicly taking a political stances. There is a reason the military requires neutrality of PUBLICLY expressed opinion of it's officers -- in other countries that reason is also know as a "military coup."
    Quote from baby_gurl0604
    You can say I am not military material, that I am too outspoken about my views. But as an officer, I will need to know how to lead, and know how to be an example to others. I know myself, I know I am an independent thinker and I know I can and will do a damn fine job of serving our country as a nurse in the US military.
    Thank you to everyone who has posted on this thread; I know it is not an easy topic but I think it's great to see so many different sides on the issue.
    In fact, as an officer, one of the more divisive things you can do with your troops is to split them along some line. If you are espousing a particular political view, then all of those troops who do not hold your PUBLICLY stated view will feel that they cannot speak to you, perhaps about many more things than simply politics (I cite the post from a young woman who said she has become "politically agnostic" in her military life because of these feelings). Your troops don't need to know your life story. They DO need to know that you know theirs, and see you doing the job, doing the right thing every time, and TAKING CARE OF YOUR TROOPS ABOVE YOUR OWN CAREER ASPIRATIONS. Becoming a political pundit to "lead" your troops is not leadership. It is abuse of power.

    I don't care if you join or not. You sound like a dedicated nurse and a patriotic person, regardless of party. In general, I always urge people to do a term in the military. I think everyone should do a term of Federal service -- not necessarily in the military, but to somehow serve. We have too many people out there who have absolutely no sense of responsibility for the freedom they hold. Fine. That's their free choice, to be leeches, IMHO. You seem to at least have the sense of responsibility to feel the need, even if you don't agree with the party in power. And, really, these politicians change places like musical chairs -- they're not really that different at the core because they all have to appeal to the moderate majority.

    Sorry about that last soapbox moment. So, lose the attitude and do what you think is right . . . or don't. But, don't fret about other people's opinions. I venture a guess that you will find pockets of political cliques no matter where you work.


    John Zitzelberger
    formerly Captain, US Army Nurse Corps
  13. by   Mugwump53
    If you are not supporting the war, I believe, then you have failed to remember why it started in the first place. I had a yellow ribbon supporting the troops and was very upset when it turned white and decided to surrender! (I have since changed to a red, white, and blue ribbon. Hopefully it will not surrender) The American public is extremely fickle. "I will support you as long as it doesn't take too long, or effect me!" After 9/11 President Bush warned that it was going to take awhile and be a long drawn out process. At the time there were more "git 'er done"s than there was "just let our 3000 dead lie." We have been ignoring terrorists for many years. We have also had waaaaayyyy too many "political wars" fought by Congress.
    CPT/USA retired, but still serving.