GREAT News, I'm in !!! - page 2

I've only been on theses boards for a few days but have quickly become addicted. I want to thank those who posted on my last thread. I found out today, after I had to call my recruiter. I will go in... Read More

  1. by   jeckrn
    congrats, Hooah
  2. by   carolinapooh
    YAY!!! Congrats!!!

    Isn't it nice to not have to worry about HEALTH INSURANCE (I am very paranoid about health insurance!)!??

    Isn't it nice that the whole process is OVER????!!!!

    If you go to Fort Sam, look me up - I'll be at Wilford Hall at Lackland AFB in September/October!

    Captain - I'm jealous . . .though going in as an O1 w/five years isn't so bad either. . .
  3. by   sassysoldier
    I am a Army Brat and I grew up on Ft. Jackson and my hometown is by Ft. Stewart. Great bases for families. Ft. Jackson has a little more to do in columbia. Good luck to you!!
    Go Captain.
  4. by   markisrn
  5. by   markisrn
    Welcome and good luck!!!