FY 2018 Air Force NTP

  1. Hi everyone! So I'm currently in nursing school & I will be graduating in August 2017 with my BSN. Anyone else applying for the July selection boards? I've already submitted all of my paperwork/LOR's, and my recruiter said that my CN interview is going to be within the next 3 weeks...so exciting! I've read a ton of forums from people that have applied for NTP in the past, and they seem to be very insightful/encouraging...so I just figured I'd reach out and see who else might be applying this year!
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  3. by   jvanwoman
    I am also applying for the July selection boards. I am done with my application, MEPS and had my chief nurse interview last week. The only thing I have left is an eye consultation at the beginning of May. Apparently, getting LASIK pre military makes things tricky. Anyway, I graduated last December and I am planning to go thee Med/Surg route for the NTP.
  4. by   UTcat05
    Nice! I am also applying for Med-Surg. I had no idea they had rules about getting LASIK prior to joining...I'm sure you will get a waiver of some sort though! I'm really curious as to how many applicants there will be, or what the acceptance rate is for NTP. I'm debating on if I should start applying for jobs just as a backup plan, or if I should just wait & see first. Since I'm graduating in August, that will be right around the time that we should be finding out who got selected...How did the CN interview go?
  5. by   jvanwoman
    Chief nurse interview was pretty low key. I was bummed he hardly asked me any questions. Mainly talked about being a nurse in the air force, opportunities, and about deployments. I have been working as a nurse since February and recommend applying for jobs. If you get a nursing job in September, that still gives you a few months of experience.
  6. by   jfratian
    Yep, just about everybody gets a thumbs up from the chief nurse. It generally has no impact on the decision to take you, unless of course it goes really badly.
  7. by   UTcat05
    Well I'm glad it went well for you!! You're right, it's probably a good idea to do so. The more experience, the better! So from my understanding, the earliest we could leave for COT would be October? Or is that for FQ only, and it would be more like January before we could leave?
  8. by   UTcat05
    That's really good to hear! I'm super nervous, but I'm sure as long as I go into it confidently I'll be okay.
  9. by   Emloohoo
    Just curious because I graduate with my BSN in Dec. are you able to start your paperwork before you graduate? I alreay have my ADN and have been a OR nurse for 12 years.
  10. by   UTcat05
    Yes! I have already submitted all paperwork & I won't graduate until August. Have you contacted a recruiter? Since you have already been a nurse you would go in as fully qualified, and wouldn't have to go through the Nurse Transition program as I will have to go to. I'm not sure exactly when you would start your paperwork, but I would contact a recruiter if you haven't already done so to get their opinion on that.
  11. by   Camo-angel
    You can go to the Oct COT date even if NTP. I did back in 2015 and was medsurg NTP
  12. by   loren1234
    Can anyone tell me who to contact??? I have spoken to enlisted recruiters and they haven't been able to guide me, please help
  13. by   UTcat05
    You have to contact a health professions recruiter! I believe how I did it was I went on the USAF website and was able to type in my location and it gave me a list of the closest health professions recruiters & their contact info!
  14. by   Dendorn
    Hey everyone,

    I'm also going through the process of applying for the July selection boards. I've been a nurse for almost 4 years, graduated from an ADN program in 2013 and just finished my BSN in December of 2016. I'm hoping to stick with mental health specialty, which I have about 2.5 years experience in as both a staff nurse and a clinical supervisor. Currently working on getting board certified (studying, obtaining CEU'S). Just wanted to hear from some of the other folks out there who are also applying and see how things are going. Just had the medical evaluation/eye exam done earlier this week and now I'm waiting to hear from DoDMERB regarding approval. My recruiter said we'd talk about the CNO interview after I was approved.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all