apft test and first drill

  1. will they make you do the pt test on your very 1st drill?
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  3. by   olderthandirt2
    Your unit has it's AFPT scheduled 2x a year. Is your first drill on a "AFPT weekend"?
    Call your UA (unit admin) and ask them.

    good luck,
  4. by   athena55
    ya know, you probably would be able to do what is called a diagnostic APFT, especially if you haven't been to OBLC.
    As OTD said, most record APFT are biannual, unless you were on a profile or making one up (if you failed your APFT you are usually given one month to train before being tested again)
    For many TPU's on the east coast the APFT is given in April and October
  5. by   olderthandirt2
    I agree with Athena, our Units AFPT was "theoretically" April and Oct.....but it changed 3x last year.....aughhh, the military
  6. by   pattyrn376
    this apft is new to me good thing I am 43 and not 18 have been working on the pushups and am down to the 3rd stair (started doing them on the wall) I joined the city's gym (no contract) and started running. or trying to run anyway. anyway I am getting better. prob wont do oblc till oct
  7. by   Staczse7
    we did apft in May....was supposed to be diagnostic but because so many soldiers in our unit needed it to count it counted.

    I did well.

    If you dont pass the apft when you need it too, you get flagged and (supposedly) that means no schools etc until you pass. Unless you have a medical that is.

    Keep working hard at it there, Patty............ It'll all pay off
  8. by   athena55
    Yes ArRNmy is correct: if you fail your APFT you will get flagged, have mandatory PT plus you will not be allowed to attend any TDY and return.
    I failed my run (newly diagnosed arthritis in my bloody hip, I thought I had a wee bit of the sciatica, hehe) and my short course paperwork was tossed (I had wanted to go to Fort Sam for the TNCC and C4 course before my deployment. Sigh....)
  9. by   olderthandirt2
    Sorry to hear that Athena....ahhh, growing old is miserable.....but the alternative... (subterrain view) is worse !!!
    Where again are you going? We can send you cookies and whatnot....are you still in the "Blissful place?"

    Signed from San Antonio, 100 degrees today when I ran.....felt like "crying like a baby"
  10. by   jeckrn
    When you first join the Army Reserves you have 90 days until you have to run a APFT for record. Commanders have the right to make everyone do a APFT monthy if they did not pass the last record APFT. From all the units I was in, if a new soldier did not pass their 1st APFT in the 90 day time frame they did not hold it againist them. If you train on a regular bases you should be able to pass within the 90 days without any problem.