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I had the pleasure of taking care of an adorable 5 day old term baby with a mec aspiration on prophylactic antibiotics. Parents are both underage, Mom is still in the hospital recovering from a c-section and Dad is rooming in. He is doing a great job providing most of the care :up:. Baby is named after a drummer in a heavy metal band and and dad is wearing a Metallica shirt with longish hair, and brought his eleg guitar -the amplifier with him to play music to the baby. Baby also has a stuffed guitar @ bedside. Tonight during shift change a couple of his band mates(older brothers) came and visited the newest member of the band, they also brought guitars and had an impromptu jam. Unfortunately we had to ask them to stop but I thought that was sweet. It would be neat to hear other peoples funny parent stories.

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My 1st thought is, yes, this is sweet, but cautioning about sound levels. (just got a decibel meter "app" on my i-phone, too, so fresh in my mind)

Parents can definitely keep you wondering....


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They may not have been welcome in the NICU, due to the noise level, but I wonder if your hospital would have allowed them to play in the NICU parent waiting room? Just a thought. smile.png

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LOL their Jam session lasted less than a minute until there were asked to stop. Alas the newest member of the band went home today ;).

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I think that is sweet.

I always say that parents can be as weird as they want, as long as they love their baby and take good care of it.

My pet peeve is when you are discharging or teaching a parent and they are looking at text messages and texting back. It commonly happens with younger moms, but sometimes the moms are older too. Drives me crazy!

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LOL I totally have a noticed an increase in texting during discharge so much so that we ask them to turn there phone on silence.


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Maybe if hospitals were to text the questions, those discharge papers would get done fast if a teen was filling them out.

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