Got it all, but can't answer NCLEX questions


i know the material better than anyone in the class....i teach it to them in fact when we are studying. i am great clinically speaking. i've been offered two jobs on floors that i've had clinicals on. but, i have failed the last class once b/c i can't answer nclex questions very well. i am now taking the class for the second time and i just failed the first test. i don't know what to do. please help me. i want this so badly.


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Since you know the material and tutor classmates on it; why don't you have a high scoring classmate tutor you on how to answer the questions.

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So basically what this means is that you are pretty good at memorization and good with people, but not necessarily very good at putting the whole picture together. That nasty critical thinking part definitely trips people up. I would suggest the Kaplan course. You aren't ready for NCLEX yet but their decision tree helps with NCLEX style test taking a great deal.

The best way to learn how to answer NCLEX style questions is to practice, practice, practice them.

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Agreed. I'm a Canadian educated nurse, so I had to pass the CRNE, which is our version of the NCLEX. I am also familiar with NCLEX style questions because I've reviewed the American guides. Aside from the critical thinking component, knowing the information isn't enough. Get the Kaplan guide and learn to understand how the questions are worded. Read all the rationales carefully, so you understand their line of thinking. That's the key. Finally, do as many practice questions as possible.

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like others said, memorization will not get you through the NCLEX. Application and critical thinking are more important than the raw facts because no matter how much you study and memorize, there will simply be things on there that you don't know. Also like others said, try the Kaplan review. I think it was key to me passing. I felt I had a good grasp on the core content but had trouble narrowing down the answers because, as we all know, there are often at least a couple of "right" answers. Kaplan helps you think through and narrow down the answers based on the information you're given, and perhaps more importantly, it also gives you good tactics for answering questions about content you don't even know well. I passed at 75 questions, although there was a lot of information on there that I didn't even know, I was able to use the knowledge I did have and apply it to the situation.