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as good as it gets and it ain't that good


Last evening I had seven patients with an aid to help me. She also filled in at desk a bit because we had no secretary. I had no admissions, no one crashed or had a serious problem. I got a half hour for lunch and even got to the bathroom twice. The only problem I had was with a blood transfusions. Even so I ran and ran and ran. I got out on time and I am not complaining. As far as I know every i is dotted and every t is crossed. I did assist the aid with pm care ect. How I do those evenings with nine patients and an admission I will never know. The nurse manager keeps begging me to come in more days. I keep saying NOOOOO! I will bust my butt two shifts a week but that is that. Can I handle it, YES. Am I going to do more, NO.

Oramar, I love your Pittsburgh Christmas Carol. That is exactly

how you all sound to me....I always think Pittsburghers' are speaking a different language than the rest of us.

Re: your job

Yep, sounds like you are earning every dollar. I wouldn't work any extra shifts if I didn't have to.

Why not take it a little slower and easier on yourself and clock out an hour later and get more $ too?

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Welcome to the wonderfull world of nursing, aint it grand.


what hospital do you work at in Pitt?

i've applied to one of the hospital nursing programs in Pittsburgh, Shadyside to be exact.

well sorry to change the subject...just curious!


I am seriously considering switching to part-time (if I can stay on dayshift) or perdiem.

This full time nursing gig is too much at times, I agree.


I have said above many times. They come in day in and day out and take that hammering. They are just made of sterner stuff than I am. Some of course go a little crazy one way or another. However, many just amaze me the way they keep their good humor.

As far as the overtime goes, there are days when the situation demands that I stay an hour or two. Those are enough for me. I ain't staying in that place one minute more than I have to so I am frequently out on time.

My hospital requires us to sign up for mandatory on-call shifts...whether you work part time or full time. A lot of nurses have gone to part time, because they know they'll be called in for their on-call shifts anyway.

I did extra shift about three weeks ago and will do extra next week. They are voluntary, I do it so it does not seem as if I am not a team player. I work them in very gently so it does not seem as if I am working extra at all. Of course, there is always the occasional call off on slow days. So it all works out to about 2 shifts a week over all. I think I said in another post that I work between 1 and 3 shifts a week and that continues to be correct. I seem to be able to avoid burn out and give good care in difficult situations.

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