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I am registered to take English I Comp, Psychology I, General Biology and Anatomy & Physiology at community college from Feb 17-May 20. That's 14 credits in a short 12 week semester. How hard does that sound? Also, is it really hard to take gen. biology and a&p at the same time?


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You can do it. Just make sure you manage your time and stay serious. I usually do better when I take more classes like that because you have to stay focused. Otherwise I'm always wondering what's on TV!!!



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I think you'll live-but you might not be happy about it. lol

That is a full plate but you will probally get through it. Good luck in school.

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Wow that's quite a courseload!

Anything is possible, if you are bound and determined to do it. Except perhaps flying...

Good luck! :)


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You sound like quite a go-getter! Take a deep breathe and knock 'em dead !!!!:D

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CLEP the english comp.


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You can do it. My first year of nursing I took anatomy and physiology along with the program (18 credits both fall and winter quarter). Then for spring quarter, I took nursing theory and clinicals, pharmacology, and microbiology (21 credits total). I finished with a B and two B+'s. So I know you can do this. Good luck!


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What a load! Like the others said, you can do it if you stay focused. I just hope you don't have small kids at home cause either them or your studies will get neglected.

Good luck!


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You know - I always hear that "nurses eat their young" and the nurses are mean to each other, etc. - but look at all of the positive support you see on this BB. You almost never see anything but support around here!


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Last semester I was so afraid I would fail Biology if I took anymore classes than that. I also decided that because I have a 1 1/2 year old at home and that 1 class would be enough. I wound up dropping the class due to losing focus. Now I am going fulltime and kicking butt. I have found the more you do the more you will stay focused. Just dont over do it too much.


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That does sound like you'll be busy. The biology and A&P I will overlap alot, so that could be a bonus, or it could confuse you. It sounds like you have alot of drive, good for you. I can understand your anxiety, but just dive right in, you'll do fine as long as you give it your all.


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You can do this. ;) My first semester I took anatomy, chemistry, sociology, psychology and honors humanities and I never thought I'd make it but I did. If this is something you really want, you can do whatever it takes. Just make sure you make the most of your time and keep your goal in front of you constantly. Good luck!

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