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Hi All,

I am starting Southern New Hampshire University online for my BSN. Unfortunately I have to take Statistics for health care professionals. I'm really nervous. The class is 9 weeks. But I have always struggled with math never mind something like Statistics. Any advice as to how hard it is and any online help site for this type of Statistics course for nurses? Thanks!


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I took online statistics at UNC and it was a booger but ended up with a B (1 point from an A). I am terrible at math. With statistics it will depend on your teacher too. Good luck... It is doable.

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I am not a math person either. I managed to avoid all math, including stats, getting my initial bachelors. I had to take stats for healthcare professionals online as part of my rn-bsn. It was fairly simple.

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Hire a tutor if you can. I also used youtube for help. I'm terrible at math and passed my online stats class by the skin of teeth. Thankfully it was only a 6 week class, but man was it brutal.


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Brutal is mild. Tutors are a must. At least yours is for healthcare workers. Mine (done in 2 weeks) was not for healthcare workers. I have 2 tutors! Can't wait to be done and never look back. No MSN for me if stats are a must, again!

I think its dangerous to avoid math or just resoleve that your not comfortable with math especially if you are responsible for administering medications to patients. As far as statistics go, stats are important especially for advanced degree (phd/dnp) students. No real way to avoid the application for an evidence based capstone project. :no:


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I can do math for meds without issue. That is basic, formulation. I need to know the who, what, when and why. In math it's not like that. That is what I mean. I have been taking care of patients for years. It's statistics part of it that throws me off. I have no plan on administrative ever.


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It quite easy so far.


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I just completed the RN-BSN program at SNHU and loved it. As with any onling nursing program you have to be diciplined but the work is very doable. I work 40+ hours and as long as you keep up with the paperwork and readings you will do just fine. The instructors are very helpful and respond quickly to your questions.

Good Luck!!