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After 2 years of agency, I am fed up! I am going today to join the ranks of FULL TIME STAFF. I have been cancelled for the past 2 weeks after being pre-booked for 4 weeks. I have worked 1 day each week for the past 2...UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!:(

I did some calling around and have found a hospital 45 minutes away (no further away than any of the others I have to drive to) that pays $4/hr less than agency, but has full time benefits and great insurance. I know all about the lack of freedom in scheduling, but I have had it!

ALSO, the last shift I worked with this agency, (on Monday), I got put in an area I was not familiar with and I got hung out to dry by the charge nurse. I AM SICK OF THIS WAY OF LIFE!!!!!! I want to be an "employee" again. Pray for me!:saint::saint::saint:


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Welcome back!



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I don't like to prebook as I find they have a tendency to use us as a backup plan only. I prefer to schedule 'on the short' where I know they will use me.

Your agency dropped the ball...they should have been looking for something reliable for you instead of letting you go so long with no $$ coming in. Sounds like an agency I wouldn't work with.

Good luck...hope you like your staff job. :)


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Thanks for the kind words...interview at new hospital went great yesterday...start on Monday. I work for All About...wouldn't recommend that office anyway to anyone! I am really excited about the new job and it pays almost the same but with GREAT insurance (MEDICAL VISION!)! Haven't had dental insurance since I lived home with mom and dad 19 years ago!!!!

With a 15 year old needing braces and a 16 year old needing new contacts, this is a God send!! I may even have it worked out NOT TO WORK WEEKENDS!!!!! God is GOOD!!!!:) :balloons::balloons:


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Best wishes...let us know how it goes! Nice to not have to work weekends....and I know those good benes help with kiddos...:)

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One good thing about nursing is the flexibility we have, either full time or agency. I love working agency, the only time I would book 4 or 6 weeks in advance is if I was on contract and guaranteed not to be cancelled, I perfer to book a day or a few days in advance. We must remember that agency is a filler but with the shortage we have begun to feel comfortable since we don't get cancelled as much. It sounds like your new job is just what you need.


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I've noticed a lot of nurses doing back to back doubles lately to squeeze in 32 hours in 2 days for a staff job (many are part of "weekend warrior" programs"). 32 = fulltime around here, so they get full benefits. Then, they have 5 days a week to pick up agency work. I wouldn't suggest doing back to back doubles, but I guess whatever floats your boat.

I only bring this up as an idea for getting the "best of both worlds" should you want it. Personally, I would just stick to 3 12's, but to each his/her own. :)


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OOOHHH, 16 hour shifts are just for people under the age of 25, I think!! I have done my share of those and am a zombie for 2 or 3 days afterwards! I'm getting too old!

On another note, I had my first night on this new job last night. It will be a good place to be once I get the swing of it. I keep getting called by my "old agency", asking if I want to work.... the answer is NO!


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The nice thing about agency...it will be there again for you if you ever want it. And I worked an occasional agency shift even when I was on staff...just for the variety and a few extra $$. :)

Glad you're liking your new facility job! :)

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You guys are great... the best.

Honestly, my first reaction to this thread was.... so... then don't do it. The responses of my fellow colleagues has been heart warming, thank you.

Lately, I have been working a lot of hours. I work strictly Agency Nursing. It works for me! I have been doing some of those "doubles" and at agency rate it is great money (fatiguing but worth it for now).

And that is the key.... if it works for you great. If not, move one, do something more appropirate for where you are at. I know these are tough times in some areas for picking up shifts. The area I work in can be SO fickle. Sometimes I can not get all my hours in without being available more often then I would like to. I have gotton called off when I really needed the money etc...

I took a short term travel contract to balance my loss of hours. Fortunately, the timing was just right.

Thank you to those sapporters who spoke up with positive input.

When asked direct questions, we also are incredible at brainstorming for solutions and for that I am grateful too. I love you guys....

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eddy, thanks for the images.

Nurse 4 God, I PM'd you. Good thread.

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If you were only getting $4.00/hr more as a agency RN then you were way underpaid. Hope you are happy as staff as for me, I'll stick to agency. Isn't free choice a nice thing.

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