GNs/NEW RN's-- How much $$ are you getting per hour?

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Just curious to you GNs and new RN's out there.. how much money per hour did your facility start you at, and what department do you work in? Any sign on bonuses?:confused:

$23.79 an hour, plus 10% diff for rotation to nights, 20% diff for permanent nights. $15,000 loan repayment for a 3 yr. committment. I'm working in an ICU at a Level I trauma center in Philly, PA.


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Emerald, that sounds great!!

I am in SW Oklahoma working L&D. 16.94/hour $2.50dif for nights/ $2.50 for weekends. $3000 "education reimbursment" for a 1 year committment.

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houston texas neuroscience unit $21.50/hr as a GN.


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22.91/hour for gn in boston on a neuroscience unit as well


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Emerald that is awesome! i wanted to work in philly, but my hubby is here in MA...can't wait to hear about your experience in philly... can't wait to hear about everybody's experience!

Yeah, I think it's pretty good pay too. I'm suprised you are not making more than me in Boston considering the cost of living is higher there. I'm happy I got such a good deal cause I am in debt with student loans up to my eyeballs.... I should have just gone to nursing school in the first place rather than getting a bio degree which I never used!


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in california 25.00/hr 3000 dollar sign on bonus payable of a years time as new RN


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I started at $17.64 on an LDRP in NH and got a 50 cent raise for passing the boards. The hospital gave all nursing staff a minimum 75 cent raise last month, so my base pay is $18.89 now. Shift diffs are $3.50 evenings/$6.50 nights/$1.50 weekends.

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Small ICU in WI...19.90/hr days with a $1 increase when I finish orientation....and a $15,000 sign-on with a 3 yr. commitment....


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For an adult ICU (medical/surgical/trauma) in a very busy, level one trauma center in Indianapolis:

Base rate $18.20

Evening diff $2.70

Night diff $3.70 (I think...I work days)

Weekend diff $4.50

Plus a $5000 sign-on bonus payable over 18 months.


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I work at a hospital in VA where the starting rate of new grad RNs is 17.00 with a shift diff of 4.00 for eve or night. I got 18.57 when they factored in my LPN experience.

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