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Hey, Y'all!

I decided to go ahead and make a thread for the GN February 2019 Residency just because I know all of us will be on edge till the interview week in August!

For my preference form I selected THR Fort Worth, Southwest, HEB, Alliance, and Arlington for locations and Neonatal ICU, L&D, and Postpartum for my specialties.

I currently work at THR Fort Worth in the Neonatal ICU as a PCT.

Let's keep everyone informed on the process!

I'm really thinking of doing this! I currently live in Kansas but am looking to move south within 6 months or before. I graduate nursing school early December and plan on taking boards within a month. Of course my hopes are to pass boards and begin the GN residency program. I feel I'd be rushing everything but maybe not. Interviews are in august? Anything else you have info wise? I haven't found too much.

thanks for starting this thread!

Are you an internal applicant? I think the application was for people already employed with THR, just cause I'm the website it said positions to open in September???

Anyway, I have two interviews set up in August!

The interviews are in August for internal employees! I believe they are opening the residency positions externally on September 17th, per the website. Jobs at Texas Health

Yay thats exciting! Where are you interviewing and for what specialty?

I have interviews with Fort Worth for NICU, L&D, and Antepartum, Southwest for L&D, and Arlington Memorial for L&D, Postpartum, and GYN Surg alllllll on August 8th.

Apparently my application date doesn't open up until September? Not sure why that is or if I'm mistaken. I'm going to try and apply anyway just to see.

You have a busy day ahead of you! Congratulations on your interviews!!

Girl, yes! I should have put women's services on my application like originally since it looks like they have lots of openings! haha but mine are Aug 7 for PCUs.

Specializes in Cardiothoracic and Transplant ICU.

Hello, I have accepted interviews for CVICU, Trauma ICU, and Neuro ICU at with the Fort Worth location.

Hello! Good luck to ya'll at your interviews. I'm planning on applying to positions in September when they open. I currently live in Florida and graduate nursing school in December. I'm a little worried because it seems very competitive in the DFW area. I have a good GPA and over a year experience of floating as a PCT, but I will be graduating with an ADN and not a BSN. Do any of you also have your ADN?

I'll be graduating with my ADN! From what I hear, if you're qualified and they like you, having an adn should not hold you back. You just have to get your BSN within 2 years of being hired

Okay awesome thank you! I plan to get my BSN ASAP. Also as far as applying goes do you do one general application for Texas Health and then fill out the preference form once they send it to you? Or do you need to put in multiple applications?

I'm finding the opposite to be true. I've heard multiple new grads getting turned down at THR for the residency program with only having an ADN that are 'external candidates' and some with tech experience at other hospitals as well, not being selected for an interview.

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