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  1. Caityo19


    Hello- I am taking my NCLEX- RN in about a week and slightly freaking out. I've been strictly using Uworld for qbank questions continuously for about a month now. At first I was scoring in the 40's with 75 questions, then working my way up into the 50's and have only managed to get a few 60's scores. I'm worried that this is not enough to pass boards and feel I really haven't made any progress with this. I'm nervous and at this point, with my test being right around the corner, I'm not entirely sure what I need to focus on. Any advice is welcome to calm myself! :)
  2. Caityo19

    GN Residency Texas Health Resources- February 2019

    Apparently my application date doesn't open up until September? Not sure why that is or if I'm mistaken. I'm going to try and apply anyway just to see. You have a busy day ahead of you! Congratulations on your interviews!!
  3. Caityo19

    New Grad Salary in Texas

    Dallas/Ft. Worth area!
  4. Caityo19

    New Grad Salary in Texas

    I will be graduating with my RN in December and am contemplating moving to Texas. I currently live in the Midwest, so I'm wondering if the new grad starting pay/salary is the same as it is here? I've read so many articles to get my research prior to moving, but I'm really finding a variety of data, so I'm now resorting to this approach from first hand experience. On a side note, I've been a CNA for 8 years and an LPN for 3, with clinic and hospital (ED) experience. Any help is appreciated, please and thank you!
  5. Caityo19

    GN Residency Texas Health Resources- February 2019

    I'm really thinking of doing this! I currently live in Kansas but am looking to move south within 6 months or before. I graduate nursing school early December and plan on taking boards within a month. Of course my hopes are to pass boards and begin the GN residency program. I feel I'd be rushing everything but maybe not. Interviews are in august? Anything else you have info wise? I haven't found too much. thanks for starting this thread!
  6. Hi all! I am currently a nursing student in the state of Kansas and will graduate in December (2018) with my ADN- Im so excited and ready! I've had 8 years of healthcare experience total, so I'm ready to close this schooling chapter finally. my question is, my husband and I are looking to move to Texas (dallas- ft. worth area) as soon as I pass boards (and get a job), is there anything different I should expect in regards to the different state? I've done some research and concluded that here in the Midwest, nurses make slightly less than those in Texas and living costs seem to be pretty constant with that of Kansas. I could be wrong, I guess I'm just wanting some insight from a nurses point of view that lives in the area. Any helpful suggestions/tips/facts, etc is very much welcomed! thank you!
  7. Caityo19


    I'm taking my NCLEX-PN February 16th and have been studying ever since I graduated in December. By studying, I mean go over some things I wasn't sure on and doing anywhere from 100-200 questions a day (or every other day on certain occassions). I'm still in preparation and have used Kaplan and Saunders, and ATI mostly....a few other little books with NCLEX questions, too. I am taking little practice tests and scoring anywhere from %62- %67 on them....some lower. I know it's impossible to know everything and forget things, but I feel as if I'll never be ready!! Are these scores okay?? I'm freaking out. ALSO, ANY ADVICE PLEASE!!!! Thank you ������
  8. Caityo19


    I will be taking my NCLEX-PN within the next month and have study material, but feel as if I need more. I have Kaplan, Saunders, and a few apps on my iPad to help me out. I feel as if I need a structured study Guide to really help me understand more about certain diseases, disease processes, and meds. Any suggestions? Please and thank you.