Glendale College weekend program?


does anyone out their attend the glendale weekend program? i am trying to get more information about the hours that classes and clinical rotations are scheduled for. i know they are on friday and saturday but what hours. also what is your experience with this program? i took my prerequisites through rio and loved it but their program is 2 days of clinical rotations and it seems that glendale is also 2 day but only 2 days total so i thought that would work better for me. any info on this program would be great. thanks


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I hear it is a vey difficult, intense program. I know a mom at my kids' school that went through the program recently. Almost half of the class failed out. You really have to be dedicated to that one, itis only two days so there is alot of reading, and outside study time involved. Im NOT trying to deter you, just telling you all that I have personally heard. Im sure you can do it, if you are fully prepared!


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thank you.

i had read another post on these boards that said the way it was set up made it easier. they said that the book work and clinical stuff were separated so it was easier to concentrate on only one thing. if there is anyone out there attending this program i would really like to e-mail you and find out more information. thank you


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I'm also interested in learning about the Glendale College weekend program (and some of the other programs). I really like the idea of online classes, like at Rio (I'm really good at self-teaching), but I am a little concerned about Rio as a poster to this site said that she/he had heard that some facilities weren't going to hire Rio grads anymore as they felt they were ill-prepared.

I have been impressed by GCC's chemistry faculty. They published a lot of good support materials (which they created) --this is a marked difference from Rio. Rio faculty are adjunct most of the time. GCC has mostly permanent scientific faculty. Not sure about their nursing faculty.

Please feel free to PM me with info on GCC programs and other programs... Thank you!!

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I graduated from GCC's weekend program last December. We started with 30 people in my class, of that 30, 14 of us graduated. It's a tough course. It's true they say it's only Fri/Sat but they neglect to tell you that you have to pick out a pt on Thursdays (between certain hours) and write up a care plan (that can take up to 12 hours when you're first starting out) then go to clinical at 6:30 Friday morning. Tests are on Sundays as well, so you have to be out at the college on those days too. What I liked about the program was that we did our coursework first during the beginning of the semester, then took finals and then did clinicals. I liked that, until the last semester when we did both at the same time, meaning Fri classes and Sat. clinicals. I actually found that better because then all the information we learned was fresh in our minds and we could apply it as we learned it. I do feel that GCC prepared me well for the NCLEX, I passed with 75 questions, first try, and I felt prepared to be a nurse as well.

I've heard that they're changing the program around though, unfortunately. With the nursing shortage everyone is trying to push students through nursing school, and that's not necessarily a good thing. From what I've heard from one of the instructors at GCC, they're cutting down the psych, peds and OB portion of the classes. To me this makes no sense. I'm in OB now, but I CONSTANTLY draw on my psych experience!! It's a shame that new nurses won't get the background that they need, just because there's a nursing shortage! They've also cut clinical hours.

So to sum up my rather long post....GCC weekend program should be considered full-time school. A lot of people tried to pass it off as a 'part-time' program, but it is in no way a part-time program. The hours are long and hard (Fri 8-4, Sat 6:30-4 for clinicals), there is a TON of studying to do, you cannot afford to fall behind in your studying etc. or you'll be left behind. 16 people I started out with did not make it through, that doesn't count the people that we picked up along the way who also did not make it through.

If you're into self-study I would definitely look into the hybrid program at GCC (if they still have it). The instructor is incredible, you'll really know your stuff when you're done. We had her for block 4 clinicals and I wish I'd had her for more classes. Last I heard she starts out with her hybrid students in block one and teaches them through every block until they graduate.


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thank you very much. i am new to this form and i cannot figure out how to pm so if you could pm me of e-mail me, i would really like to talk to you further about this program. i am currently a stay at home mom of our 6 kids and find the time to study is not an issue. the time away from home is the issue. i am trying to find the best program to learn what i need to learn and be well prepared while spending the least amount of time away from home as possible. i understand that i will need to spend some time away but i learn best on my own. thank you for your help.

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Which MCC programs offer the weekend option? I have tried digging through the main website, but find it a little difficult to navigate. Do others beside Glendale have a weekend option?


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Which MCC programs offer the weekend option? I have tried digging through the main website, but find it a little difficult to navigate. Do others beside Glendale have a weekend option?

In response to your question, I know that Gateway CC already has (or is going to offer sometime soon) a part time program. I do not know if this is limited to weekends, however. Call an advisor to check it out. The only one I know of that offers a weekend program is Glendale CC. If you are a self starter and are able to be an independent learner, Rio Salado does have an online program that might fit with your schedule. Their tuition is not outrageous because they are still a Maricopa Community College. I do not know when you are permitted to do clinical work on weekends with their program though. Something to check out as well. I think your best bet is to call a MCC advisor to make sure you are aware of the program options available.

Best of luck :)


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Thanks for the info! I will try to get my questions together and call an advisor. We are new to the Phoenix area so I'll need to find out what locations are closest to where we currently live!


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Thanks for the info! I will try to get my questions together and call an advisor. We are new to the Phoenix area so I'll need to find out what locations are closest to where we currently live!


Welcome to the valley! I'm a born & raised Phoenician, so I'd be happy to help you locate the nearest school. We have a great community college and university system here, and the tuition is pretty reasonable compared to other states (even out of state rates aren't that bad). Let me know if their is anything I can be of assistance with in terms of locating a school or fun things to do around the valley. Again, welcome! :) :)



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I am currently a Block 2 student at GCC/week-end program and like some of you mentioned it is not a part-time program. We are 28 students in the class and have not lost anybody as of yet (hopefully everyone will make it). We have also picked up 2 more students along the way in our Nursing Process class who did not pass Block 2. Our understanding with the new program is that if we don't pass Block 2 we are back in the queue and it is a scary thought after all the hard work put into this! We are all thinking about taking the NCLEX-PN in case we fail block 3 or 4 so we can later get back in. I understand that we are the last ones that are allowed to take it after Block 2.

There are tons of studying to do, tons of reading to do, tons of assignments to do! Most of the students work full-time jobs and some had to cut down on their hours. We do not start clinicals until the end of September once we pass the comprehensive finals in Pharm and Process. If we don't pass the finals, we don't go to clinicals. We had the Hybrid teacher last semester for clinicals and she was wonderful. It is my understanding that she lost about 8 students in block 1 also. So if you want to go that route, you better have great self-study habits.

My best advice to all of you that are waiting for your acceptance letter is to buy a NCLEX book and start practicing those critical-thinking questions even if you have not had the lectures yet and do some more during the program. I like Saunders a lot because it gives you a summary of what is important. Take Human Patho. it will help you with your care plans. I would also recommend to those of you that have trouble in math to sign up for the math courses because right now in our block we have three math quizzes in Pharm and if you don't get at least an 80% and pass the exams you could still fail the class.

Good luck to everyone! :nurse:

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