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My mother in law will be starting a long course of chemo in two weeks for breast cancer. I would like to send her a care package.Are there things that I can get for her that will help her through it?Like books(any good ones?)or is there a website that sells things like this?She is out in North Carolina and Im in Cali.I need to do something.Thanks for your imput!


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What a great idea.

My sugestions are....

A journal (she may need to vent some feelings onto paper)

Some music tapes or CD's (my friend would listen to relaxing music while recieving her chemo)

A gift certificate for a salon so she can pamper herself with a manicure/pedicure, a facial or massage.

Just a card reminding her how special and loved she is and an offer for a shoulder to lean on when she needs it.

I wish you all the best of luck, keep us posted on her progress!

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a few good books and dvds for the days she may be too tired to do much else.


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thanks!I went on amazon and had 3 books sent to her.They are uplifting,inspirational stories of survival.

She was happy thursday when they said they had got it all and there was no cancer in the 20 lymph nodes they took out.

But,yesterday the doc said the kind of cancer she had and the size,she would have to have 8 months of chemo and radiation.She wasnt expecting that. Well,thanks for the help!


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I had a friend who did this and she did suggest sucking on hard candy during chemo infusion to get rid of the metal taste. You are one very thoughtful daughter-in-law - your MIL is very lucky!

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Thats a really knid idea. Wishing your MI well.

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First off, I would like to send my prayers to your MIL. It's going to be a tough road for her.

I was thinking along the lines of hard candy and gum as well. Also, Hickory Farms has a website and they ship all kinds of things like candies, cookies, fruits, hams, cheeses...TONS of things to have for a quick snack or lunch. I'm sure she wont feel much like cooking so those types of things are always a good idea.

Best of luck!

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Candles and aromatherapy potions and lotions....

as we all know one of the worst side effects besides nausea and weakness from chem is the loss of hair. How about a pretty scarf and a turban. Some of the better department stores used to sell scarves with directions on how to wear them in different and fun ways. A turban is always a nice coverup even for the days the hair is there but she is too tired to fix it. Send here a picture of your family with a sign saying how much you miss her, love her, and wishes for a speedy recovery. It will bring a smile when she looks at it.

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