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Getting FNP and DNP

I graduated with my MSN Education last year. Started on my DNP shortly after because most of the teaching jobs here require that. My goal is to work as an FNP and teach part time for a while and eventually go to full time teaching. So, is there a way to get my FNP now while I'm working on my DNP? I'm in NC, so some programs won't take NC students due to regulatory issues. Any thoughts, suggestions, experience with this?

WestCoastSunRN, MSN, CNS

Specializes in CVICU, MICU, Burn ICU.

Duke has a FNP/DNP program. My experience is that you don't have many if any options outside of NC schools if you are practicing/living in NC. I guess they want to keep the money in state. This isn't helpful to you, but my own situation is that I eventually want to make it back to NC, but I'm going to have to wait til my program is finished --I would have seriously considered a distance program if it meant I could move back sooner, but since NC won't allow that --- Duke was the only option and comes with a hefty price tag (but I do love Duke), I will be happy with my local university -- it's a great program and I much prefer the face-to-face/classroom. If/when I get to come back to NC, I'll be licensed up -- and golly maybe NP's will have independent practice by then? -- Here's hoping/dreaming.

I'd check UNC Charlotte and Eastern Carolina --- I think they have the DNP, too.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for the info. It is so frustrating to find programs that cost less and are less time to complete and not be allowed to apply!

WestCoastSunRN, MSN, CNS

Specializes in CVICU, MICU, Burn ICU.

I totally understand. I hope one of the schools in NC will work for you!


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