Getting experience w/out experience??


I'm an unemployed not so new grad LPN in TN. I graduated in the beginning of August and still have not had so much as a call back from prospective employeer's!! All the available jobs that I can find will ONLY accept applications and resume's online so face to face contact isn't possible. I I show up at a facility in person I'm promptly directed to return home and fill out an app. online. Well so far I've fillled out more than I can count, but it seems no one once to hire the "unexperienced". If I'm lucky enough to recieve any kind of response, it is simply to inform me that there are more experienced and therefore "qualified" applicants. So heres the million dollar question: How does one gain experience without experience? Please help before I burn my License and head to McY D's!:confused:


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where all have you tried to apply to? take a good look at your resume have someone else proof read it. Most places do everything online thats how i got the jobs i have had, dont be afraid to call the places and ask about the app/resume status it shows that you are proactive in your job search.


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Keep calling back to check on the status of your application.

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With the advent of online acceptance of job applications job resumes have to get real creative to be noticed. You need something that stands out from the rest so the person reading them will stop and think; "now this is a creative resume."

Use subtle color or the background and enhance the font. I would put a picture of myself on the top of the resume of maybe on the cover letter in a creative place. That way they know what you look like and it's different and shows that you're not afraid to show yourself. Nothing too large and a bust shot in a business suit or attire perhaps templated as background of the header or in plain view beside an icon.

When you send your resume also send a cover letter that is specific to that job placement. It shows interest and talent. Good luck

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New grad RN here.... LTC worked for me. At least I am working, as a nurse! Not my dream job, but my reality job!


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Recently licensed, JAN2010. Faxed my resume to ALL places that hired nurses. I'm in west TN. I bought the 89 dollar all in one fax machine, and faxed cover letters with resumes to the specific person hiring for the nursing dept in EVERY facility that uses LPN's. I was let go after 5 weeks on my first LPN gig. About to hit a 6 month milestone in my second LTC job.

I faxed to the closest first and went up to an hour from the house. I drive forty minutes to KY in order to work. This is what it took to get a position that uses my training.

I am currently working at a great place, I am still looking for a job a little closer to the house.

Tell us when you find your job and happy hunting!

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Ok, well try to have a creative resume by having some color of course, a picture... I would always say you need information before decoration! Try to add your education and experiences, and get alot of comments from teachers or clinicals...