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  1. Who's out there, and any experiences to share?
  2. I am a soap box speaker on a huge number of issues. Anyone needing care, no matter what led up to the need for care, I will give the care. I will provide post abortion care as needed. I will not actively participate in any procedure to terminate a pregnancy. If someone has complications from any procedure I will provide care. Will freely discuss my views in a nonwork setting. If a pt asks my opinion about any procedure I will give my opinion. Nurses are required to be knowledgeable and understand consequences of actions. I will pursue full disclosure of my duties when I accept an assignment, this will minimize conflicts of conscience. As a nurse I realize how diverse our pts are, I also have a desire to pursue life enhancing activities.
  3. ursus57

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    50% hearing loss...58 yr old Male LPN...Medically fragile pts and beginning to work with adults with developmental disabilities. Most see my hearing aids behind my ears as being part of the club. "you too, understand being enabled in different ways." Amplified stethoscope, bought on ebay UK at 1/3 the outrageous price. I advocate strongly for the pts in my care and never had a problem with being hired, due to hearing loss. My older family members of pts have zero issues with my partial deafness. In my most recent job I marketed my hearing loss as a bridge to those struggling with their disabilities.
  4. ursus57

    Does bullying really go on in Nursing?

    When this occurs most of the time it can be ignored. If you have supervision that will work to improve the situation you can often have a better situation. I had a small teamwork issue that aired in front of several coworkers, I fianally had to write a letter that the DON read and commented on. The situation also involved an apology pleading health issues that helped create the non team work attitude. @ our facility, in long term care we have audio and video recording in key places. All of these factors helped to create a better out come. The person was able to have less influence on me and the situation improved. Usually a Bully will do one on one and go behind the scenes to undercut the target of thier bullying. If the bully has long association with the administration the out come can be poor for the bullied. Decide what you are willing to take, address the matter to the bully, and try to work with the administration, and decide when you walk. Many times a person will choose to walk.
  5. ursus57

    Nurse Kept my Great Grandfathers wedding Ring

    Some people feel giving gifts improves care for a family member in a facility. An atmosphere of having to give gifts to staff can develop. Compentency is not the issue, providing gifts and gratuities is the issue. Illegal, morally wrong and violation of policy. A person insisted I take $25 in a card one time because she felt I gave great care to a family member. She refused to take it back. I gave her a thank you note explaining that I was happy to pass her very generous gift on to the patient general fund in the LTC where I was CNA. Never allow anyone to think 'extras' would be appreciated. This can undermine a person's proffessional standing. I may accept a piece of candy, or a piece of cake if all care members can partake. People are wonderful and want to be generous, it can create a situation where people fell they have to be generous in order for thier family to get the best care. NEVER accept gifts. NEVER.
  6. I usually go dressy/casual, nice shirt, dress pants, belt, dress shoes. Then I put on my lab coat.
  7. ursus57

    1st job-advice please!

    Do your best to get this addressed. Someone can call the number on the wall and everyone's hide will be in a sling. LOOK FOR A JOB. Tell them in the interview why you are leaving, most places have a reputation in an area, the interviewer will likely already know about the problems at the old job. Be an advocate for pt care and safety, even if you may have little support. I'm so sorry you have to start out with this kind of bad situation.
  8. ursus57

    What is your current LPN salary

    West TN 14.50 an hour, really expensive premium for health insurance, some want 300.00 to 800.00 each month, with 20/80. This is to start, our economy to live is pretty low, though.
  9. ursus57

    LPN grad... advice on job hunting

    Please note, I was willing to start anywhere. I am in west Tn. I am also a 53 year old male. Passed boards in Jan 2010. Get cheap fax machine for computer at house. 89.00 buys an all in in one fax/printer/scanner combo in most markets. Brief cover letter, one page resume sent to DON or person hiring for the nursing dept. Go online and down load list of nursing homes, hospitals and any facility that uses LPNs. Google those 15 minutes from home, then 30 min from home, 45 min from home and 1 hr from home. Call and ask who does the hiring for the nursing dept. Write this name down as you ask for the fax number. Type up the name along with fax number and name of facility in top area of your cover letter. Send a fax cover sheet, cover letter and a one page resume to the facility. Closest to farthest away, wait 7 days in between batches. Reply by phone to all replies, go to each interview you get, be positive and relax. I tried this method and contacted every possible facility that hires LPNs. First job lasted 6 weeks, the second job is going 7 mos and I recieved a small Christmas bonus and a one dollar raise in December. Please note, in school I had nearly perfect attendance. At each job I have had, I never get defensive and I try very hard to remember who pays my paycheck, the pt and thier families. Tell us when youstart working.
  10. ursus57

    Just quit my job

    I hope you can heal and thank you for the window into your life. You are helping me decide how far to let hings go when my time comes to draw a line. I have a great LPN job now. All things change. You will come out of this stronger and wiser.
  11. ursus57

    Getting experience w/out experience??

    Recently licensed, JAN2010. Faxed my resume to ALL places that hired nurses. I'm in west TN. I bought the 89 dollar all in one fax machine, and faxed cover letters with resumes to the specific person hiring for the nursing dept in EVERY facility that uses LPN's. I was let go after 5 weeks on my first LPN gig. About to hit a 6 month milestone in my second LTC job. I faxed to the closest first and went up to an hour from the house. I drive forty minutes to KY in order to work. This is what it took to get a position that uses my training. I am currently working at a great place, I am still looking for a job a little closer to the house. Tell us when you find your job and happy hunting!
  12. Buy fax machine, if you don't have one. Put resume on one page. Brief cover letter. Print list of LTC providers, these are online, determine which are 15 minutes from home, then 30 minutes from home, then 45 minutes from home and an hour from home. Use Google to figure out how many miles each place is from home. Call each facility and ask for the name of the Don and thier fax number. Week one do the closest, weeek two, the next closest, and so on. This is a way to carefully cover all options. LTC facilities respond really well to faxes. Address each cover letter directly to each DON, most won't read through a two page resume. How do I know this? Jan 2010 became licensed as LPN. Was working by March, 5 weeks later loking for work again, in May started my current job. I'm in west Tn, accepted a job 45 minutes away in the next state. This worked for me in my situation, as I am new to nursing and it's rough to get in the door with no experience. Wishing you good success.
  13. ursus57

    LTC Nurses Bottom of the Barrel

    LTC is bottom of the barrel, a growing segment of nursing, and easier to get a start. Yes I'm only 'LTC'. I have had my license since JAN2010, and jobs are extremely difficult in west Tennessee for anyone right now. I am going to learn all I can, and get any certifications tha I can, and when I move on to something else I'll just take my lumps. LPN, LTC, BOB and proud.
  14. ursus57

    More Men Entering Nursing Profession

    Keep a small crescent wrench and small multi tip screwdriver in what has been dubbed my 'nurse purse'. This EMT bag, with compartments, holds a bunch of stuff I use often including a full sized hardcover nursing skills book.
  15. ursus57

    Are there ANY nursing jobs?

    Licensed in TN Jan 2010, sent faxed resume with cover letters to every LTC within 1 hr of my house. Started working in March, then they let me go after 5 weeks, sent out resumes with cover letters again. In May started working, just hit my 90 day anniversary, I am working, and it is hard to get a position, anywhere. This area, west TN, is very sorry for jobs, right now. I actually am working across the state line in KY, 45 minutes from my house. Faxing a resume and cover letter seems to do much better than personal interviews and you spend less on gas and hassle of filling out apps with no chance of hire. In school and in my previous jobs, they pay attention to my nearly perfect attendance when they consider me for employment. Male, wear hearing aids, 53, and started with zero experience. Many things work for different people in the job hunt. This worked for me. You will get there. Easy? No. Doable ? Yes.