Pay expected in Assisted Living Facility

  1. I am looking for a ball park figure for pay for an RN at an Assisted Living Facility... such as Emeritus.. thanks
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  3. by   billyboblewis
    Pay in assisted living facilities is usually similar to other salaries in the geographic area. It may be slightly lower..but not too much as then no one would work there.
  4. by   Juwon
    Chicago, il LPN pay 22-24 an hr. RN pay 25-29 an hr
  5. by   chuckster
    Recent RN openings for the evening shift at a local (Phila suburbs) county-run facility stated referenced starting pay of $24/hr. The posting also stated that 2-3 years of LTC experience was required and that they would not consider new grads lacking such experience. Pay at the private nursing home where I did my LTC rotations was a bit higher than that (in the $29/hr range) but they too hire only experienced RNs.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Depends on the area, the organization, and the pay structure. As the DNS, I'm salaried management, and I pull down a hair under $60K per year, which is good pay in my neck of the woods. But I had to go to the city to get it; I've earned as little as $38K/yr. in smaller community ALFs under pretty much the same working conditions. So I feel pretty fortunate indeed.
  7. by   Rntr
    Thanks, I am in the South and expect it will be a little lower.. thanks for the replies..