New grad to Home Instead Senior Care..

  1. Hi! I am a new grad RN and I just would like to know if it's a good idea if I will accept the job offer as a caregiver of Home Instead Senior Care. I'd like to establish my nursing career in acute care facilities but I was not lucky enough to get a job. I could not find a job for almost 6 months of job search. What do you think about this agency? Give me some of your insights of this move I'll take. Should I accept the job offer? Will I have a great experience on this and will this help on my resume if I will look for a job in the future to hospitals?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Are they hiring you for skilled nursing care or as an unskilled caregiver? I thought that agency was for unskilled caregivers.
  4. by   ladymarfee
    It's actually an agency for caregivers with no experience or medical skills. It's kinda not appealing actually because it's for unskilled caregiver. I somehow feel insulted after all those harsdships I had to become an RN and I will end up as caregiver on that nature. They said..beggars can't be choosy in this economy and employment condition that stinks..but up to what extent that I need to be choosy. I don't know if I will accept it. Please help.
  5. by   roser13
    Be very careful about accepting a position with a non-medical caregiving agency. I would be suspicious that they plan to take advantage of your nursing license and ask you to deliver care/make assessments that they are not qualifiedor licensed to offer their clients.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Also be aware that you may be held to your RN license even if you are not giving RN care.
  7. by   SweettartRN
    I found that when I did this years ago I was treated like a housekeeper.
    One lady even wanted me on the floor to scrub her floors by hand.
    There is no medical care, or if there is, you are basically doing full on hands on nursing care.

    Just my $0.02. YMMV.
  8. by   AtomicWoman
    Bottom line: this is not a nursing job and will not help you in your search for an acute care position. Future employers want to see evidence that you have worked in an RN capacity. Good luck in your job search!
  9. by   Barbara Hessinger
    I have worked for Comfort Keepers before I received my LPN license and employers can care less.

    I do understand your motivation to find a job. Trust me, I feel the same.
  10. by   ladymarfee
    Thanks for all your inputs guys. I've made up my mind. I won't accept it.
  11. by   GirlnextdoorRN
    Ladymarfee, you made the right decision. I was once an aide before and boy, some agency will take advantage of you and some family of your clients will take advantage too.

    What are you plans now? I'm wishing you the best and sure there will be something for you. I'm still not employed but never been giving up. Went to different interviews and the last one seems promising, but I will keep on pushing on.
  12. by   ladymarfee
    Hi Girlnextdoor! Thanks for the comment and your affirmation of my decision. I also read a lot of complaints about that agency and I was discouraged from the issues of abuse and maltreatment to the caregiver.

    Thanks for the wish. Wish you the same. I guess I will just stick to my original plan of finding a job in a hospital. I still keep on applying online to hospitals near our place ( at the most 30-45 mins drive). Too bad, there is less hospitals in our place compare to big cities and most of the jobs posted are for the experienced nurses. We are in the suburb. I don't know what else to do to increase my chance of getting a job. I already have ACLS certification. So far, I just had 2 interviews in different hospitals but both were negative.