I miss nursing

  1. Hello;
    What a wonderful forum, I am new here and am glad I found this site to post on.
    I have been a nurse for 5 years, I have my BSN and I am currently 28 (turned 28 this month). My first two years of nursing was in LTC, and I loved it. I chose to go directly into LTC rather than do the Med Surge route first, I never liked Med Surge and I really really wanted to do geriatric nursing in LTC...I know this may sound odd, but I feel at home in LTC. I really struggled the first year but I learnt so very much. Now I look back on those two years as the best two years I have had so far in nursing where I gained the most knowlegde of nursing. I worked in a small LTC and it was considered the best LTC facility in the county I was living in.
    My next two years was in Home Health, where I dealt mainly with the elderly. I enjoyed the experience, but however, got ill the last year or so with extremely painful endometriosis.
    The past year I have been working in Adult Day Healthcare. However this past march I have been on disability as I was put into the hospital twice for bilateral pulmonary emboli (EEEK). I was fired from that job while I was on disability, and people are telling me I should sue!!!!!!!
    I never thought I'd say this, becase the past year or so I've been really negative about nursing, but I'm beginning to miss it. I've been out of work since March and it's too long! I want to go back into geriatric nursing soon. I want to do either hospice or go into an Alzheimer's unit.
    I thought I would introduce myself...and thankyou for reading this
    The founder of the facility I was fired from, who I'm good friends with is a geriatric FNP, and she paid me a wonderful compliment a month ago. She told me that she felt I was the best geriatric nurse she has seen and "Ive been around" she said!! It was very touching and I'm very proud of my experience. I am a good geriatric nurse, I thrive with geriatrics. They are a very difficult population, very challenging. Geriatric nursing out of all nursing areas I feel is the least respected, and most looked down upon areas of nursing but as the baby boomers grow older, it will change I'm sure.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Michelle, welcome to the family. You sound like the kind of nurse I want when I'm a senior citizen. (Actually I'm already an AARP member.....oh well,)
  4. by   sassynurse78

    I love geriatric nursing!!! I wouldn't think about doing anything else.
  5. by   renerian
    Are you able to go back to work now?

  6. by   itsme
    LTC is the best!! I too would do nothing else! Good luck!
  7. by   I_Love_Donuts
    I understand a little what you're feeling...I've been off work for 5 months now (I broke my ankle twice since Feb.) and I miss nursing so bad. I can't wait to go back...
    Good luck, and that's great to see that you too love your job!!!!!
  8. by   nursenoelle
    :kiss I too love geriactrics. I returned to that area about a month ago. Out of work for another month or so for surgery. I miss nursing too ! Are you planning on returning to work ?
  9. by   Rapheal
    Welcome to the site. Hope you find much support and encouragement from the great people who post here. Also am sorry for your troubles. Wishing you much luck and success in your future.
  10. by   Gator,SN
    Welcome to the BB, glad you're here! I hope that you are feeling better and back to what you love soon!

  11. by   Tweety
    Welcome to the board! Sorry you're going through such a rough time. I hope that you get well soon and get to taking care of those that need you.