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I'm a new registered nurse, I work on an Alzheimer's unit. There is a CNA who is being repeatedly scheduled on my shift, and to tell you the truth, I just don't know what to do with her. She is way... Read More

  1. by   sasha2lady
    Write her up write her up write her up write her up!
  2. by   supernurse1230
    omg! this cna is walking all over you, because she feels like she can, first of all, the comments made to this resident, (in your presence) are a direct form of abuse! verbal and mental! besides the fact that this cna is obviously a b****, with abuse, you are held just as liable if not more, when you witness such treatment of residents, and dont say or report anything, don't let this cna intimidate you, ppl only have as much power as you allow them to have, when you hear her trying to make the assignments, you call the staff to the desk, and inform them that you have made the assignments, and if they choose to follow hers instead of yours, then they are being insubordinate and should be written up, usually after they see that you will write them up, they respond a little bit differently to you, but you definately need to assert your authority, i dont care if the cna is 50 years older than you, as long as you keep it professional..............handle your business, and look out for those little residents, good luck
  3. by   supernurse1230
    i agree 100%, but she needs to also keep in mind that there is a time frame for reporting abuse, if she plans on writing this situation up formally.....abuse is reportable when......immediately!....and the longer she waits to write it up while shes getting our very helpful comments, the more she is making herself just as liable as the cna, even tho her heart is in the right place
  4. by   Chamorrita671
    As a current CNA myself, that lady should not be employeed! She is verbally abusive to the residents... and that is serious. She has completed the program and has had much training, so she should know better. She needs to be reported, and as her superior, you need to correct the problem ASAP! As for the record: those living in a nursing home ARE home... that is their home, and we are their guests! We need to recognize this- every last one of us!!!
  5. by   scherie88
    Quote from Thankfulnurse
    She doesn't need to be fired. She is used to having her way. Maybe this new nurse can speak with the CNA about her behavior. Then if she continues she can report it to her manager. Then it is up to the manager what is done. Wow, i'm glad that i don't work with any of you all. You guys are quick to want to fire some one.

    If I heard anyone treating or talking to any of my loved ones in this manner..I would do everything I could to make sure they are fired or have nothing to do with my loved ones care...That would be a horrible way to be treated.
  6. by   interceptinglight
    I am a fairly new CNA and have been working at a LTC facility since August. I don't really understand it, but I've noticed there's something that happens to certain people when they've been a CNA forever and ever and ever. They get cold, hard, uncaring, and in some cases such as this.....downright abusive. There is no doubt in my mind that the CNA you are talking about is committing abuse to the residents. I believe she should be reported. If the DON won't listen take it to the administrator. No matter how long I work as a CNA, I will never let all the compassion and kindness be drained out of me. :heartbeat