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  1. skyandsydneysmom

    Implications of Obamacare... what's your opinion?

  2. skyandsydneysmom

    Patient ratios progressive care units

    The PCU I work on has a 4:1 ratio, but sometimes we have 5:1. My floor sounds exactly like the OP's...drips, post CABG patients, and a mix of other illnesses. We have a max of 3 PCT/CNA's on the floor which means that when we are full, each PCT has 12 patients. The ratios are definitely not ideal but my floor thrives on teamwork...without it we would all sink.
  3. skyandsydneysmom

    Insulin and Levophed drips on cardiovascular unit

    I work on a PCU unit in Illinois and we never have Levo drips BUT have insulin drips all the time. Our patient ratio is usually 4:1 but sometimes 5:1. It is interesting to hear how much these units vary in different locations.
  4. skyandsydneysmom

    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thank you all for your advice....I have definitely gotten more comfortable in my role as a RN on the floor...things are still crazy BUT that is my floor. I recently had an opportunity to go to night shift which I am very grateful for...still busy but I am not tripping over doctors, therapists, discharge coordinators, dietary aides, etc. I actually really like this specialty and have a great support system at work :)
  5. skyandsydneysmom

    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thanks to everyone for your advice! This has been a very stressful experience and all the advice is very helpful :)
  6. skyandsydneysmom

    What's the task you like doing most on the job?

    It is not a task, but if I can get 5 MINUTES with the patient and family to talk about kids, grandkids, upcoming holidays...it makes my day much better. The worst days I have is when I have no time to connect with them....I became a nurse because I CARE, I want to leave an impression in their mind when they go home. I want them to feel like they matter and I TRUELY care about their well-being, because I do :)
  7. skyandsydneysmom

    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thank you for your words of encouragement...I appreciate your thoughts!
  8. skyandsydneysmom

    Why did you pick your username?

    Because I am the mother of Skylar and Sydney, the best kids in the world! LOL (Most of the time)
  9. skyandsydneysmom

    Any hospitals out there doing 8 hr shifts?

    The floor I work does 12's BUT there is at least one floor in the hospital that does strict 8 hour shifts..the nurse manager on that floor does not like 12's because he does not feel it is safe (he may have a point!) The entire hospital is trying to convert to 12 hour shifts..I work in Northern Illnois
  10. skyandsydneysmom

    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    I graduated in December and took a job in LTC...loved the elderly, hated all of the lazy nurses and staff around me. About 3 weeks ago I accepted a job working in in Progressive Care Unit in a Heart Hospital and have began training on the floor with a preceptor. It is a CRAZY unit with very sick people...a bit overwhelming. I have begun to question whether or not I am going to make it I have always been an over achiever, graduated in the top of my class in school, married, kids to take care (one has epilepsy and autism)...I have always managed well. I know that if I put my mind to it I can do it, but I am completely overwhelmed by everything right now. I will get 12 weeks of orientation (with a preceptor by my side). Any advice or pep talks would be greatly appreciated!!!
  11. skyandsydneysmom

    Interesting situation in my interview for a job...

    You don't want to work for someone like that...you got a good read on her. I have interviewed a few times during my short time in nursing and have met people that turned me off right away (like that lady) and others that were so warm and inviting I wanted to move in with them (not really, but you get my point). If you desperately need this job, take it and see what happens. If you can wait and see what else pans out, I would seriously recommend doing so.
  12. skyandsydneysmom

    advice for new cardiac nurse

    I too just started on a cardiac stepdown unit and it has been a bit overwhelming...how much training will you recieve? I will have at least 12 weeks of orientation with a preceptor, as well as numerous classes regarding care of the cardiac patient, dysrhythmias, etc. I graduated in December and worked in LTC for a bit, so this is very different for me but exciting. As long as you are commited to learning you will be fine! No one expects you to know much, they should see that you are provided the education that applies to this population. It will all work out fine!
  13. skyandsydneysmom

    Nursing and Volunteer

    I am an RN and I volunteer as a Community Representative for the Alzheimer's Association and as a visitation volunteer for a local hospice. I do not work for either company so that is why I am able to volunteer with them. I too find that I do not have much time with my patients and long for more one on one time. My volunteer opportunities give me the patient contact that I went into nursing for. As a volunteer I am not allowed to do any ADL's with the patient...NONE. It is difficult sometimes when I see someone that needs to go to the bathroom, or for a walk and I cannot help them with that..I have to find a staff member to assist them. It is nice though to be able to sit and do nothing but visit and spend time with people...the patients and families really appreciate it and I am able to fill the void of little patient contact :)
  14. skyandsydneysmom

    CNA's that run the unit...advice please!

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and ideas! I have already told my 3rd shift CNA's that they need to come to me with any issues. I hope that once these two realize that I am not going to allow their abuse to anyone in the building they will save it for another nurse.
  15. skyandsydneysmom

    to New Nurses (long, but, hopefully helpful)

    Thank you! That was well said and as a new grad I will remember this :)