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    Patient ratios progressive care units

    The PCU I work on has a 4:1 ratio, but sometimes we have 5:1. My floor sounds exactly like the OP's...drips, post CABG patients, and a mix of other illnesses. We have a max of 3 PCT/CNA's on the floor which means that when we are full, each PCT has 12 patients. The ratios are definitely not ideal but my floor thrives on teamwork...without it we would all sink.
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    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thank you all for your advice....I have definitely gotten more comfortable in my role as a RN on the floor...things are still crazy BUT that is my floor. I recently had an opportunity to go to night shift which I am very grateful for...still busy but I am not tripping over doctors, therapists, discharge coordinators, dietary aides, etc. I actually really like this specialty and have a great support system at work :)
  3. skyandsydneysmom

    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    I graduated in December and took a job in LTC...loved the elderly, hated all of the lazy nurses and staff around me. About 3 weeks ago I accepted a job working in in Progressive Care Unit in a Heart Hospital and have began training on the floor with a preceptor. It is a CRAZY unit with very sick people...a bit overwhelming. I have begun to question whether or not I am going to make it I have always been an over achiever, graduated in the top of my class in school, married, kids to take care (one has epilepsy and autism)...I have always managed well. I know that if I put my mind to it I can do it, but I am completely overwhelmed by everything right now. I will get 12 weeks of orientation (with a preceptor by my side). Any advice or pep talks would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thanks to everyone for your advice! This has been a very stressful experience and all the advice is very helpful :)
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    What's the task you like doing most on the job?

    It is not a task, but if I can get 5 MINUTES with the patient and family to talk about kids, grandkids, upcoming holidays...it makes my day much better. The worst days I have is when I have no time to connect with them....I became a nurse because I CARE, I want to leave an impression in their mind when they go home. I want them to feel like they matter and I TRUELY care about their well-being, because I do :)
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    New to Cardiac Nursing...pep talk needed :)

    Thank you for your words of encouragement...I appreciate your thoughts!
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    Why did you pick your username?

    Because I am the mother of Skylar and Sydney, the best kids in the world! LOL (Most of the time)
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    Any hospitals out there doing 8 hr shifts?

    The floor I work does 12's BUT there is at least one floor in the hospital that does strict 8 hour shifts..the nurse manager on that floor does not like 12's because he does not feel it is safe (he may have a point!) The entire hospital is trying to convert to 12 hour shifts..I work in Northern Illnois
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    Interesting situation in my interview for a job...

    You don't want to work for someone like that...you got a good read on her. I have interviewed a few times during my short time in nursing and have met people that turned me off right away (like that lady) and others that were so warm and inviting I wanted to move in with them (not really, but you get my point). If you desperately need this job, take it and see what happens. If you can wait and see what else pans out, I would seriously recommend doing so.
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    advice for new cardiac nurse

    I too just started on a cardiac stepdown unit and it has been a bit overwhelming...how much training will you recieve? I will have at least 12 weeks of orientation with a preceptor, as well as numerous classes regarding care of the cardiac patient, dysrhythmias, etc. I graduated in December and worked in LTC for a bit, so this is very different for me but exciting. As long as you are commited to learning you will be fine! No one expects you to know much, they should see that you are provided the education that applies to this population. It will all work out fine!
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    Psych or LTC??

    Hello all...first I would like to thank you for any imput you may have :) I am graduating from an RN nursing program in December. I am really struggling with which area I want to pursue initially, psych or geriatrics. I LOVE the elderly and love Alzheimer's patients. I have thought for quite a while that working with this population was my calling as a nurse. Lately, I have been thinking more and more about psych and how much I really enjoyed that rotation in school. Psych is close to my heart...I have a few family members (including my son) that have diagnosed psychiatric disorders so it has become more of a passion in the last year. I think in the long run I would like to explore both areas so my question is which should I do first? If I do psych will I be able to take that experience with me when I care for Alzheimer's patients? Will starting in LTC put me in a corner so that I will not be able to get into psych later?
  12. skyandsydneysmom

    Nursing intervention for schizophrenic patient having sex?

    To many people this may be true but to many others it is not. Sexuality is very important, and is certainly not a luxury...it is innate. I work with many "elderly" patients that are just as interested with sex as they were 30 years ago...do you ignor it? Make light of it? No... that would not be the right thing to do. I have one patient that loves to spend time playing around (if you know what I mean) so I redirect him to his room so that he can do what he wants away from everyone else. He goes away every time...where hes needs to, his room. He is a happier person because I do not try to stop him from doing what he wants..I just suggest a different enviroment for it..what is wrong with that???
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    LTC.. will working here eventually help me in psych?

    This post makes me sooo happy because I have been having the same struggle.....I want to get into psych nursing but love the geri population...it is nice to know that I can do both :)
  14. skyandsydneysmom

    Borderline Personality Disorder on the Behavioral Unit

    What an amazing post!!! Thank you for all of the information :)
  15. skyandsydneysmom

    How do you deal with an insensitive CNA?

    It is obvious that you have absolutely NO experience in this situation or you would understand. Maybe you should stick to commenting on things that you do have experience with because this is a common problem in LTC. You say the solutions are simple but they are far from it...please, please, please, try to think before you comment on this topic...if you have not experienced it then do not waste our time on negative comments
  16. skyandsydneysmom

    How do you deal with an insensitive CNA?

    I am a nursing student but know all too well about this scenario from working as a CNA in LTC. Do what you should do in the order it should be done....record and report these incedences to your manager (you probably won't get any results), then you have to take it a step further....the tricky part is making sure no one knows that you reported it because if you do your job will be on the line. They will "find" a reason to get rid of you, especially if you are new to the facility. This discussion is SUCH a slippery slope!!! I have seen many bad nurses stay quiet on these issues and keep their jobs and good nurses speak up and lose theirs. Good luck to you and do what you know is right....just do it in a way that will secure your employment (even if it is for the time being :))
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    Advice concerning my son

    I am trying to figure out what to do and ANY advice from anyone that may have something to say would be helpful. My son has epilepsy (partial-complex) and was recently diagnosed by a psychiatrist with ADHD, OCD, and anxiety disorder. I know from my own research ( being a concerned mom and a nursing student) that meds for ADHD could increase his seizures and I was told by the doctor that meds for the ADHD could make his OCD worse. With this being said she HIGHLY recommended medicating him for both his ADHD and OCD (along with cognitive behavioral therapy of course). He is soooo fragile right now and I am concerned about doing anything....on the other hand if medication will help him I am all for it. Does anyone have any experience or know anyone that does? Any input would be greatly appreciated :)
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    What to say to the parents of special needs children

    Wow....what a beautiful article! We are lucky to have our "special needs" children in our lives. Everytime I hear "you are the best mom in the whole world" is enough for me. My son may have a list of issues but he is the kindest, sweetest, most amazing person! I am also reminded how lucky I am when I walk into the children's hospital with him and see that it could ALWAYS be worse :)
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    PRN Narcotics?

    It is nice to know there are people out there concerned about this issue in LTC! KUDOS to you!!!!!!!!!
  20. skyandsydneysmom

    Med-surg and mental health

    I took med-surg in my first semester...you should expect to see and experience a lot of basic information. I think if you have not gotten down a good method for a head to toe assessment it is important to do this now. I actually found a few really good video demos on youtube, just type in "head to toe assessment". I just finished mental health and my advice is to be open-minded. This class is much different from the others because there is a lot of grey area in mental health...I loved it, but some people in my class struggled because it was not cut and dry. I think that mental health nursing is an area that a lot of nursing students go through without really "paying attention" (for lack of a better word) but need to because you will come across ALOT of people in the hospital with mental health issues. I work as a Student Nurse Intern and a CNA at a local hospital and I cannot tell you how many times I have taken care of people with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, depression, etc. What you learn in school will help you GREATLY in dealing with and helping this population of patients! If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)
  21. skyandsydneysmom

    Why do many nurses look down on LTC?

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!!!!!!! It is sooooo true. I have struggled with going straight into LTC because everyone thinks it is "career suicide". I love the elderly and I know that I belong in LTC. I need relationships with people, not quick assessments, cold care. Thank you for reminding me that I am not crazy for wanting to do this!!!!
  22. skyandsydneysmom

    Re-directing tips needed for Alzheimer's/behavior pts

    I agree with the previous posts...if you know anything about them use that to your advantage. I had a lady that loved to crochet so I would give her yarn and tell her I really needed help with a blanket I was making. She could no longer crochet, but she could roll the yarn into a ball (something I do before making a blanket)...she would always graciously accept the offer and when she was done with it she would seem calm and forget about wanting to leave. I think the key is knowing more about our residents!
  23. There is an awesome book called "Life Worth Living". It is about the Eden Alternative, the people who launched it, and the success stories the program has had. It is a quick read...I don't think I put it down once (mind you I am NOT a reader). If you have time pick it up, it is well worth it
  24. What an amazing post!!!! Everything you say is soooo true!!! I promise you that if I make it to ninety and you tell me I cannot use salt on my food we are going to have a problem. The only thing I would add is what a previous poster said about the "Eden Alternative". I think every home should have a childcare facility attacted to the grounds for the staff (the children participate in intergenerational activities). Another thing is the animals...I love my cats and dog. I have always been an animal person and when I get old I want access to animals, not to look at but to pet and love. Someday I hope I will be able to make these things a reality!
  25. skyandsydneysmom

    Psych patient teaching for class assignment..HELP

    thank you soooo much for the ideas. My classmate and I thought we would do "relaxation". What do you think about the effect music has? An example would be how fast heavy metal will get you revved up and easy listening jazz or classical will calm you down. It was a thought anyways. Thank you to all for your ideas!!!

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