Hello? Anyone out there?

  1. This forum has just been too quiet and this is my favorite forum. LTC is my life and passion. I've met a few of you since I've joined the BB and I know many of your hearts are in LTC too.

    Want to share who you are and what you do? I definitely would love to meet some new friends to share ideas, experiences in and out of work?

    Even those who have left LTC, I've learned alot from you already as to why. Please keep sharing?

    What do you think...can we liven this up?

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  3. by   nursedawn67
    Hi nice to meet you Dawn...I'm Dawn also!

    I have been working in LTC for 10 years, 7 as an aide and 3 as a nurse. I"m an LPN right now eventually I'm going to get my RN and I have even seen programs to major in Gerentology, and that sounds appealing to me. I'm just waiting for my kids to get older and then I might go back to school (my kids are 15, 14 and 12).

  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Hello ChainedChaosRN,

    I worked LTC for years, as a CNA, LPN and RN.

    I really got burned-out on it and finally had to leave. I'm doing chronic dialysis now. Most of my pts are elderly, however. I am really enjoying them in the dialysis unit.

    The elderly are my favorite type of pts. But, things have got to change in LTC.
  5. by   sanakruz
    I too have some LTC experience,both psych and geriatric.
    I too got burned out. I had a very negative experience that I now know was bullying.
    Its very hard and it takes a very STRONG personality to do it. LPN/RN are interchanable at these places cuz many of them are run purely for GREEDs sake
    Often miss the camaraderie where I'm now employed I'm the only nurse...
  6. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I've been working LTC for 4 yrs now. I really love my job even though I've been in a bit of a burnt out phase lately.

    I have even thought of going back to hospital nursing but just can't bring myself to leave LTC.
  7. by   duckie
    Am a 23 year LTC LN. Love the residents but right now I'm really ready to murder the staff. Everyone wants to run the show and half the LN's sit back with their thumbs up their butts allowing it. Well, I have finally laid down some stiff rules and am threatening to send all regulars to different halls to break them up. I love them all dearly but the nurses need to learn why they are there and supervise, not worry about whether they will be liked or not. That's their problem, they want to be the most popular nurse, not do their job. I'm not real popular right now, told them to shape up or I'm shipping them out! Stinks to have to do that but someone has to get things running smoothly again and I guess I'm the meanie that has to do it. Oh well, such is life! Still would never change my field, love LTC!!!!!