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  1. Wow. That is all I can say. I went on an interview this week for one of their LTC centers. It was the wrost place i have ever walked through. The pay is great but not worth it.

    I am going to a privately owned LTC place instead. It is a couple of dollard less an hour but it is so nice.

    Does anyone have any experience with one of the Genesis healthcare centers?
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  3. by   gitterbug
    More than one within 100 mile area here, none have too good of a reputation. Always need help, scare tactics and threats to staff seem to be used frequently, pay is not great here, and patients get no special little treats or care that I could see when I went to an open house back in the spring of 06.
  4. by   nurse&mom
    Yes! The place was filthy dirty and smelled of urine. The benefits are ridiculous. They sound good but there are sooo many contigencies. They have tuition reimbursement. However, you have to work for 1 hour for every $1 they give you towards tuition. If you use your vacation days within the first and leave, you have to pay them back.

    The biggest sign that it was wrong was they offered me the job on the spot. That is scary. I really felt bad for the people at this nursing home.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Not to make little of what you describe or joke about it, but the only good thing I hear you say is being offered a job on the spot. The only good thing about being offered a job on the spot is for the person desperate for a job, and I mean, desperate.
  6. by   nurse&mom
    You are right. If I were desperate, it would be nice. But, my thought would be is why is the employer offering a job on the spot?

    The conditions and workload of the place was completely unsafe. I wouldn't risk my license.
  7. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Most facilities around here will offer a job on the spot pending references and the Cory's standard practice.
  8. by   banditrn
    Yeah, take your time and think about it! Money isn't everything! The last place I worked hired me on the spot - among my references were a couple of letters from docs I had worked with - and they had some kind of on-line access to do criminal checks.

    That place paid more than most, wasn't dirty - but there were still a lot of problems, and I only stayed 6 months.
  9. by   nurse&mom
    I turned down the job. i cannot work for a facility that treat their residents so badly. The smell of urine was so overpowering, I almost gagged (and I have a *very* strong stomach).

    Around here offering a job on the spot is not standard practice at all. It sent up a red flag for me. The interview lasted 10 minutes. She asked me 2 uqestions. They are obviosuly not that selective and there has to be a reason why.
  10. by   gitterbug
    Went to a LTC to pick up an application for a friend and was "held prisoner" until I talked with DON and HR person. I was sort of interested in what they had to say but I really got negative vibes from HR person. Can't really explain it, just felt like she was too passive/agressive for me. LTC is in bad shape here. Low pay, overworked staff, poor patient care. Went to a CEU thing last year, an attorney was there and told us that over 40% of all complaints filed against a license stemmed from LTC issues. He was very negative about most of the large chain providers. Suggested looking to smaller, local LTC is really interested in LTC. Gave me lots to think about.
  11. by   Adele_Michal7
    There are several Genesis facilities near where I live. As a part time job on the side I do agency work and my agency gets used extensively by Genesis homes- so far, I've been to three different ones. Most of the Genesis homes around where I reside were, prior to being acquired by Genesis, Haven Healthcare Centers. If you haven't heard about the horrible reputation that HHC's have, just google them...

    A search online indicated that 2 out of the 3 homes I've gone to are rated 1 star out of five by the state. All three have had Medicare bans and one even lost it's ability to accept patients with respiratory issues, i.e. no trachs or vents for them anymore. As far as being dirty, I've seen rats, maggots, dirt floors, use your imagination. Words can't express how disgusting. MARs not signed off, 75% staffed by agencies, etc. So yeah....
  12. by   Traprain
    My mother is in a Genesis LTC, and when I read this thread, I was really worried. I live in Scotland, and couldn't make the trip over to see her when she moved in (three years ago). Fortunately, I was able to go over for her 90th birthday in November, and found the home to be wonderful. What a relief!

    I had checked the Medicare reports, and it wasn't too good, but some of the things the facility was marked down on weren't the things that had an immediate impact on care. I found the staff amazingly kind and knowledgeable about the residents, and the whole building was clean and fresh. The food was wonderful!!!

    Obviously I don't work there, but I have worked in many hospitals (psych and general), care homes (some good and one appalling) and for agencies. I did feel that the staff were honest with me, and I saw plenty of signs of good practice.

    Hopefully there are other good Genesis homes as well.....
  13. by   amg5686
    I worked for the Lopatcong center in NJ. What a dive. The resident would be woken up as early as 4 am. They where washed and dressed and put into their chairs. All because dayshift complained about their work load. This meant that the residents would sit in their chairs for hours. Not repostioned etc.

    When I left the horrid company and searched for new employment I was given a bad reference form the DON. She lied about me. It took me almost 2 years to find out the bad references where from her. When I sent her a cease and desist letter the bad references stopped. This is a horrible company to work for. Do not work there and do not put any family members there.
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  14. by   RNMLIS
    I agree bad place to work - clean enough but it is the patient care = only the minimum and management a horror as they are driven by the for profit creed....
    I don't doubt that management gives bad references as they were all so petty and most people that left did not leave on the best of terms...I felt as if my liscence was in jeporady on a daily basis due to understaffing, acuity beyond the capibilities of the staff, etc. I was no more than a warm body to fill a shift...Genesis corporate is just as bad as the facility I worked for ...Stay away from Genesis.
    I did not respond to this posting many times but this company and the industry of LTC (as I have experienced it) still makes me angry and against my better judgement...