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I took a urine test months ago and it came up positive for opiates. First of all, I don't use drugs :nono: , smoke :nono: , and I rarely drink...okay I drink with my buddies all the time :chair:... Read More

  1. by   nursetweety
    How did the doctor know the tumor was from crushing the meds?
    Where I work you have to crush a lot of meds. So I am concerned about this.
  2. by   caroladybelle
    There are a number of PO meds that are considered chemotherapy, that should not be crushed, except under a biohood. They should always be handled with gloves.

    I have had problems w/staff that crush THALIDOMIDE on the floor, and excuse it by saying that they have had a tubal's not a problem to them but effectively aerosolizes the drug in the area. Given the amount of paperwork and regulations that the manufacturer places on proper administration of Thalidomide (the extremely high risk of liability, if mishandling results in birth defects), if the facility gets caught not abiding by those rules, the drug will get pulled.

    There are also antivirals such as gangcyclovir that should be handled with chemo precautions, yet in many hospitals are handled like any other IV med.

    But also think about it. Many nurses prime antibiotic tubing all the time, without wearing gloves. As we are aerosolizing and inhaling the byproducts, we are setting ourselves up for developing resistant infections.
  3. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from Kristen B
    I know a patient who gets thalidamide. And of course, it's to be crushed. Perhaps the nurses can babysit each others' "flipper babies".
    Thalidomide is NEVER to be crushed on the unit. If needed it can be crushed in pharmacy under the biohood.

    Though some places have actually have it in liquified form.
  4. by   Nieuport
    Hi April, we use the Silent Knight at my facility as well. I really like it. Ditto on making a habit of cleaning the pill cutter, though.
  5. by   achot chavi
    I think that different people are sensitive and more vulnerable than others- how else do you explain that some non smokers develop lung cancer (through 2nd hand exposure) and others puff away for 100 years.
    I always instruct my nurses to wear gloves when applying ointments and creams, wipe off the pill crusher between uses, and turn your head away when crushing to avoid inhaling the powder.
    That doesnt make it fool-proof and I love the Silent Knight!!
    Re: defending yourself- don't they have to take a repeat and give you the benefit of the doubt (this is America not the Tour De France)
    And why are you taking a urine test anyway? I thought that was illegal?
  6. by   LeahJet
    Interesting thread...but the Op'er has long been banned.