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Are there any nurses that just want to do their job? No fuss No muss Just leave me alone to work, work ,work! No kidding I want a job where the aides don't think they are nurses, give meds w/o... Read More

  1. by   DianeNewMexico
    O.K. I have to give my two cents. I have been in nursing 38 years. I am an LPN. I am very sorry I am not an R.N. because most of the time people say OH your just an LPN, I have my prerequiset classes but no money to finish and have not figured out a way to work and go to school for the next year. On to the subject: I really feel the CNA's that work "with " me like me and respect me. The CNA's that work agaist me hate my guts. The word is do you love what you do? I know that there are people in this profession that are in it for the money, no matter what their position. They put in the time and go home. It is gratifying to read there are CNA's the listen to the residents or patients. There are nurses that feel the pain and try to help, then there are the ones that like to just put in time and go home.That 's what it is all about meeting the need's and listening to the hearts (not physically).
    Thank you for this nursing fourm. Reading all the inputs from other medical personel is realy enlighting. Thank you all for the time you give to us all of you.
  2. by   night owl
    Oh for the love of Pete!
    Yes I would love to just work and work and work so that my residents/patients/clients could benefit legs wouldn't, but they certainly would a great deal then I'd feel that I made a great BIG difference instead of just a difference in so many lives.