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  1. Well this one goes back to my training days as a student nurse at a large, inner city hospital in Sydney, Australia about 20 years ago. Many stories to tell from those days, but this is perhaps the yukkiest. I had a female patient who weighed in over...
  2. I will never, EVER, go back to the ER. I spent my last 3 months of training at a large, inner city hospital, in the ER. I didn't really like it too much, then, on my last night there, we had the first rains of the season, and multiple MVAs. At one ...
  3. I am mostly a believer for immunizations, and all 3 of my kids have been kept up to date with their shots. Despite that, my daughter still managed to contract Pertussis last year, at the age of 14. Because she had been immunized, I had a false sense...
  4. greet n meet/cheese n wine

    G'day all... just dropped in for wine and cheese... mmmm ... thanks! I'm Tracy, an Oz transplanted to Canada. I did my training at RPAH in Sydney, over 20 yrs ago... whew!... and moved to Canada shortly after. The pay here is much better, but the ...
  5. 12 hour shifts

    12 hour shifts apparently work really well for some people, but I've yet to meet any of those people. Here in Canada, most shifts are 12 hrs, and I found them almost impossible to get used to. I must admit that 12 hrs in the NICU was a lot more mana...
  6. Anyone out there that just wants to work?

    Greetings everyone. I am usually just a silent eye who reads everything that comes through this forum. However, as moderator, I think it's time to step in. This thread has been going more and more off the topic of Geriatric Nursing, and heading more...
  7. Drug Abuse Among Us??

    An interesting topic, with many differing points of view. I first started nursing in Australia in the late 70s ... back in the good ol' days of in hospital training... all narcs had to be counted with 2 persons... one of whom had to be an RN... 2nd c...
  8. Eden Alternative

    The facility where I've worked for the last 3 years has whole heartedly embraced the Eden concept with minimal problems. We are an 84 bed facility with dementia unit on the top floor, and lower maintenance residents on the ground floor. We have nume...
  9. frustrated with new job

    Allevi... I completely understand your frustration. The same thing happened to me a few years ago when I first started at the facility where I'm still working. This is an 84 bed unit, with the 50 beds upstairs housing our dementia residents. On top ...
  10. Refresher Courses

    I was out of the hospital system for 16 years while travelling and then raising my family. I completed an RN refresher course 2 years ago, and have been working LTC since that time. I found the course really helped me to remember some of the old ba...
  11. Should new grad LPN work 11p-7a alone

    Irish... congratulations on finding your first nursing job... you are wise to query this situation. I don't believe that as a new grad, working alone is in the best interests of your residents, or yourself. Nightshifts can be relatively easy, but w...
  12. Nurse Aides

    Hi Judy... At the facilities where I work here in Canada, the aides are referred to as Long Term Care Aides, or more simply Resident Care Aides. Hope this helps. ------------------
  13. I was able to get to it without problems.
  14. Aging

    Three old men where talking about the best thing that could happen to them at that time off life. The 80 yearlod said: 'the best thing that could happen to me is too be able to have a good pee. I just stand there and it dribbles and hurts, and I have...
  15. Nursing internet mail list/discussion group

    Hi Jackie, Welcome aboard. Think your mailing list is a wonderful idea.