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Apparently (so say our inspection board) we are no longer allowed to call residents by their first names nor are we allowed to use affectionate terms like dear or pet. Even though they may ask us to... Read More

  1. by   morte
    care plan, careplan, careplan......i hate the darn things, but sometimes they save your a99....
    a few years ago, i was told this story in a local NH, there was a resident with dementia....who a state surveyor heard the CNA address as "Dippy" as in "Dippy, its time for your shower, lets go."....apparently the surveyor pitched a fit.....was escorted to the care plan , and low and behold, that was his nick planned for all the "world" to see.....i was thinking of this story recently and it came to me, i wonder if that CNA (a young fellow) mighten have done it on purpose,lol...
  2. by   dream'n
    For pete's sake, don't these rule-makers have anything better to do?
  3. by   nightmare
    All of our residents(yes,residents!)are asked what they want to be called and it is documented in the care plan.I think the PC brigade are going overboard on the core values.I don't mean that we shouldn't be giving our residents privacy,dignity etc but common sense should prevail sometimes! Many of our residents would not respond to their full names as they sometimes go back in the past and use their maiden names so calling them Mrs Smith wouldn't work as,at that moment they could be Miss Black!However they will always have the same first name!
  4. by   banditrn
    Quote from dream'n
    For pete's sake, don't these rule-makers have anything better to do?
    No, probably not - they have to do something to justify having a job.