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  1. by   DENNUR
    that's excellent, my main concern with the teas is the reading comprehension portion. i took the net and totally bombed on that section. reading boring passages and totally misinterpreting the reading is my problem. how did you study or what did u study? when i transfer to Gordon in the spring my remaining classes are Eng 2, an elective, and psychology. did you take those @ gpc, or gordon, and if so, what prof's @ Gordon (that are good). Please respond and let's keep in touch!
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  2. by   DENNUR
    phrozenone............almost forgot, do u know the cost of nursing school @ Gordon????????
  3. by   phrozenone
    hey...well, my tuition bill came to $1,554.00. So that's not too bad. The main reason it's that steep is because of the insurance for nursing students there, which is like 300.00...kinda pricey huh?
  4. by   stacykay11
    Did anyone have Mr. T for A&P?
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  5. by   GaMommy81
    I am applying for Spring 2010 admission at Gordon. When is the application deadline? I do not need to take any classes at Gordon so I applied for Spring 2010 admission. I have not received an acceptance letter and that has been two months ago. When I check the website, it says that all of my information has been received, but my transcripts have not been evaluated or at least no grades have been posted for me as of yet. I need to apply to the program and take the TEAS, but I know that time is running out. I am beginning to get very frustrated! Can anyone help me or give me a name of someone that can help speed this process along? Thanks so much!:wink2:
  6. by   FaithWorks
    GAMommy, I was in the same situation. They weren't answering the phone, nor returning calls or e-mails! I had to go up there yesterday to see what was going on. The thing is, I was already accepted on paper July 13, they just never put it in the computer. It finally showed up that I was accepted on bannerweb by 6 that evening. They were nice and got the situation taken care of promptly, but you have to go to the admissions office to get them moving.
  7. by   GaMommy81
    That is what I thought. Thanks so much. I guess I will be making a trip to Barnesville.
  8. by   GaMommy81
    Hi Faithworks,

    Did you have any outstanding classes in progress when you were accepted? I know that someone emailed me a while back and said that on my transcript I couldn't have any outstanding classes or classes that I was pre-registered for on my transcript. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Have you been able to secure a nursing school application and sign up to take the TEAS? Maybe someone who has been through the application process or is also going through it can give us some more insight. Thanks so much! :wink2:
  9. by   GaMommy81
    Also, is it necessary to submit transcripts to the nursing department as well as admissions? Thank you.
  10. by   FaithWorks
    Omg, we've been having the same issues. They told me that I had to send in a final transcript in order to be accepted. So I had to withdraw from my current school in order to gain acceptance. I just called the nursing department today to get them to send me an application for the program.
  11. by   FaithWorks
    Oh and I think you send transcripts in to the nursing department with your application.
  12. by   GaMommy81
    Do the transcripts need to be official or can they be unofficial? Does the school have to send them to the nursing department or can they send them directly to me and then I'll forward them to the nursing department. This is just a lot of running around. Argh!
  13. by   GaMommy81

    Were you able to schedule a TEAS testing date when they sent you an application?