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Hey! I am just starting this forum to see who else is applying for Clayon State's Spring 2012 BSN Program. I just applied and now the waiting begins..... Read More

  1. by   Jase2107
    Also, how many pairs of uniforms do ya'll reccommend that we purchase? Should we order all the uniforms we need buy the due date, or can we order more uniforms later on as needed?
  2. by   an2on
    You need to know specifically grains, drams, teaspoons, quarts, pints. The book come with a chart with the conversion. but you don't really need to know all of them for the dosage test because in your first week they will give you a sheet with the conversions that you need to know for the dosage test. I would recommend two uniforms but you can purchase additional pair later on if you think you need them. I didn't even buy my shoes until 2 weeks after classes started because we didn't need to be in full uniform until the first medication check off which was 2 or 3 weeks after classes had started.
    Hope this helps,
  3. by   Jase2107
    Thanx so much an2on! So are you to wear uniforms every day, or only on clinical days?
    Also, you have probably answered this before, but from your personal experience so far, just how many hours a day have you had to apply to reading and studying, and are these hours true on your weekends as well, or is it even more?
  4. by   an2on
    We only wear uniforms on clinical days Tuesday and Wednesday. However, there are about 2-3 days throughout the entire semester where you would have to wear uniforms to lab. As far as studying, it really depends on what you have going on in a given week. But on average about 4-5 hours of studying a day and that includes other assignments such as studying for check offs, care plans etc. Keep in mind that this is just for one of the two classes I have. For example, I get home from class everyday by 1 or 2. I eat, study from 3-7 or 3-10pm. After that, I prepare myself for bed and get ready for the next day. My schedule is pretty easy to maintain because I don't work and I don't have a spouse or children. There will be some days you have other issues going on and nursing might not fit in your schedule and you would have to study for 2 hours that day and just catch up later. Some days you might not study at all and that is totally fine as long as you don't get behind that much. Your first 2 weeks will be crazy but you will get the hang of it later and say to yourself "I got this!". LoL Sorry if im talking too much but you will have fun in the middle of all the stress because nursing material is very interesting. But anyway, I don't wanna write a book. so if you have anymore questions let me know.
  5. by   Jase2107
    Thanx for all that insight an2on! Really helps me get a clearer perspective on what to look forward to.
  6. by   PomLover
    Hello everyone! I'm in the program now with an2on. I was reading your posts on here and remembering how stressed out I was going through the acceptance process. I do not miss it! You will be fine though, most of your instructors are super nice and will really try their best to help you along. You can probably get by with only ordering two sets of uniforms since you only wear them two times a week. Also, the uniforms run really big so if you normally wear a medium be prepared to buy a small, it's weird. They say you need a lab jacket but you never wear it so just buy one of the them. I bought my shoes at Wal Mart for like $20 and they are amazingly comfortable. They are the kind designed for servers so they are made to be on your feet all day and they are non slip. The biggest piece of advice I can give you off the top of my head is when you get into HIT1 sign up to take your clinicals at Dekalb Main. I LOVED it there! Also, if they offer it, take the PM clinicals. You get to sleep in and you don't have to waste your time doing 10,000 bed baths all morning. Good luck!!!!
  7. by   Jase2107
    Thanx PomLover for the info about your experiences.
    Does anyone know when thet will officially verify if all of your financial aid is in our accounts. I know the due date is coming soon for payments, and it still says "estimated F/A".
    Thanx in advance!
  8. by   inGod'stime
    Hello all,

    Anyone taking the CPR class at Clayton State tomorrow morning?
  9. by   Jase2107
    An2on, or anyone else, 2 things. How does your uniforms fit in comparison to your normal clothing size? I am a tall guy, I wear 34x34 jeans, and usually XL shirts, I am a bit on the slim side, so I am worried about the leg length. Any advise??
    Also, I know there are post everywhere on what people prefer when it comes to laptop/netbook during Nursing school, but what do you think is the best choice??
  10. by   an2on
    Hey Jase, I am 6ft and I also wear a 32x32 or 32x34. So went a head and ordered the extra tall size and they were way too long. So I had to send them back and order the tall size. They are pretty good with the length so I don't think you should worry too much about the length. But for the ladies, the uniform sizes are run big so you would probably have to order a size smaller then your regular size because a lot of my classmates were complaining that their uniforms were too big. As for computers, I saw everyone in my class with just a labtop. I didn't see any netbooks. My choice would just be a labtop
    Hope this helps,
    See you guys are orientation
  11. by   kayswiss3
    I agree on the uniforms running big.. I usually wear around a size 5/6 in clothes and I got a medium shirt and small pants. I will have to order the smaller size in my 2nd uniform since I only ordered one to get an idea of the sizes. But thanks An2on and PomLover. All of the insight you guys give us is great..
  12. by   nclarel
    At clayton state. Who are eligible to take elective classes?
  13. by   futureRN2015
    Quote from an2on
    I send you a PM
    Which hospitals are clinicals at?