Become a nurse at 41 from six figures???

  1. Help! I have been in the corporate world for 15 years and don't think I can take it anymore. It's pointless to me. I want to help people, but after not making it into med school, I just took a different path. Now, I have a friend who is encouraging me to follow my dream and become a nurse. But, I currently earn six figures and like the regular hours....I'm scared to make such a big change, but this job is killing my spirit. I don't even know where to start. Any advice for me?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would not do it. Instead I would continue to work, earning six figures, and invest and save for my retirement. Believe me, it is no picnic to be in your 60's and not knowing when you will be evicted because you can't pay your rent because, although you are a nurse, you don't have work. That is right where I am today. So much for helping people.
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I agree, I would not make a complete switch if I could help it, especially with the economy still recovering. Could you try to find a job at a non-profit? Something more fulfilling that would utilize your skills and expertise? Go part time and use the extra time to volunteer?

    Not to be discouraging, but nursing is a pretty thankless job. I have seen people whose main reason for nursing was to help people who become miserable when they realize that most of what they do is unnoticed and unappreciated. In today's nursing, the sad reality is that you often don't get the satisfaction of helping someone. You are running your tail off passing meds, charting (oh God the endless charting) and doing procedures. Sometimes we get a win and get to feel like we have done some real good. Most days I worked in the hospital, I felt like a task master just running down a checklist. There is very little time for actually talking to the patients.

    All that said, if you truly think this is for you, save up a few months salary and work as a CNA for a little while. You will get a good dose of reality and can make an educated decision on the career. I would hate for you to get through all the schooling for nursing only to find you hate it!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I was a graphic designer/desktop publisher/publications manager for 15 years. Then I became an EMT-B just to volunteer, went on to become a Paramedic, and quit my corporate gig (taking a 50% pay cut in the process) to become an ER tech. Went back to school for nursing, the rest is history. So I hear you!

    My advice: why not become an EMT-B and volunteer in your community? While nursing and EMS are not the same, they are related. Becoming an EMT-B is not a huge time commitment, and you can still maintain your day job and dip your toes in the pool, see how you like the water.
  6. by   RNnbakes
    Nursing is not your dream, Medicine is. Why don't you save money and then try overseas medical schools. I see medical students (both old and young) from schools like Ross University at work all the time. They do two years overseas and then have their clinical rotations in the states. I believe it is never to late to be a doctor. I wish you all the best.
  7. by   Marshall1
    If your dream is to get into the medical field - then do it - take a class that interests you and see where that leads. As far as regular hours - am assuming you mean M-F..there are these types of nursing positions available - I currently work one. As far as 6 figures...most nurses do not reach that amt of $ unless they get an advanced degree or certifications of some kind and then, especially in this economy, that's "iffy." But, I am one that seeks a quality of life and time over $. This does not mean $ isn't important to is..I want my spouse and animal "kids" happy and comfortable. I have been an RN for over 20 yrs. In the past few yrs I wanted out of the hospital for various reasons - not all were because of the hospital stress - I was very fortunate to have found a position that pays very well, is close to my home and is M-F, no call, no weekends, no holidays. I'll admit the M-F gig is new for me but I have adjusted well I think over the past 6 wks I've been working it. Will I stay in this position for the rest of my career? Who knows..but for now, I'm happy, financially we are in a position we have not been in ever since we married 6 yrs ago and my stress level is way down and I am still able to take care of patients where the outcome is usually positive. SO, do not stay anywhere soley for the $ - your life is toooooo short to base it one something that you can't take with you in the end. Good luck!
  8. by   2brn09
    Six figures and you aere not happy with your job. Wow! You know how it feels to go to a job everyday and your spirit is being killed. Go for what you want, money isn't everything. Your passion will hunt you until you embrace it and walk in it. Go for your dream, whatever it may be. You can find nursing jobs that are mon-fri. 8-5. You want to spend the rest of your life enjoying your passion not just working a job because it's six figure. Whatever gives you peace. If your decision to become a nurse brings you peace, then go for it. If it's to become a doctor, go for it. I know your decision will be best for you. You only have one life, live this life while living your passion.
  9. by   CapriLane
    I just graduated at 45, same situation, I left corporate to follow my dream. Where you live will depend on how difficult it is to find a job. Most hospital jobs will be 3 days (12hrs) a week (4-day's to recoup and relax). As far as the money goes.....follow your gut....stress is VERY unhealthy, nursing is stressful too but the job satisfaction of doing something you have a passion for would hopefully create a balance to the stress and financial difference of the occupation (if it's truly a calling you have).

    Many nurses I have met are a little jaded, rightfully so, because of managed care and the sheer volume of charting...but don't let that sway your decision, all jobs have their pro's and con's and only you can decide what the good/bad aspects are.

    If you are really ambitious, great instructors are always needed, get your BSN, then go on to get your masters and teach somewhere, college professors also attend and teach clinicals to the nursling students!

    Best of luck in whatever you choose!
  10. by   Piglet68
    I had twenty years in my prior field as an injury claim adjuster/manager/nationwide name it I did it and I made really good money. Didn't work nights or weekends or Holidays. I hated it. Now I am a nurse. Went back to nursing school part time while working full time at the age of 39. I am 43 now and an OR nurse....there will be times that you think you have made the biggest mistake of your life.....My first job out of nursing school was longterm care 3rd shift. It is not for the weak. You will need to put time in and you should expect to feel like a novice and low man in the pecking order for a long time.....if these are not appealing then nursing school is not for you...if they are then you'll be fine.
  11. by   Wolf at the Door
    Quote from RNnbakes
    Nursing is not your dream, Medicine is. Why don't you save money and then try overseas medical schools. I see medical students (both old and young) from schools like Ross University at work all the time. They do two years overseas and then have their clinical rotations in the states. I believe it is never to late to be a doctor. I wish you all the best.
    Listen to RNnbakes. You would be foolish to quit your six figure job. Nursing is not all that. Nursing and Medicine are not equals. Remember why you never tried for med school again and keep it moving.
  12. by   dsmithkazk
    I used to love being in medicine. But, with the latest entitlement attitude and the lack of people taking responsibility for themselves it has become a nightmare. Unfortunately for me I have too much time and money invested into the career. I have doctors tell me everyday they would chose another career after the involvement of Government, politicians and special interest groups. Almost all the nurses I work with are in counseling or taking antidepressants and Xanax.
  13. by   booklovinrn
    I would advise you to think very carefully and talk to as many nurses as possible before you make a decision. I am 51 and have had several careers. I have a CPA, MBA, worked in accounting for many years and have also taught high school for 5 years. I was not satisfied doing all these things and had always dreamed of being a nurse. I graduated May of 2011 with my BSN. Working as a nurse has been a big disappointment to me. It is very stressful and at many times feels like an impossible situation. I wanted to help and serve people (which is why I found accounting so unsatisfying) however, nursing is so busy and you are pulled in so many directions that at the end of the day, I still didn't feel I was providing the kind of care I wanted for my patients because of time constraints. The pay is also very poor. I was making more teaching high school (which is hard too, but with much better hours) than working 12 hour shifts as a nurse. To top it off, after working 7-8 months my knee started hurting, I discovered I have bone on bone arthritis and the only solution is knee replacement which I am not ready for. I have just resigned my med surg nursing position because it is too painful to work 12 hour shifts. I know there are other nursing jobs out there with better hours, but I have less than 1 year experience and right now I just can't bring myself to look.
    Anyway, I don't mean to be all negative, I just want to make sure you know about some of the possiblities before you make this decision. You also might want to consider volunteering at a local hospital in the evenings or weekends. This would let you become more familiar with the environment and help make your decision. You might find that as a volunteer you can do more to truly help and serve people without all the other constraints. If you decide nursing is what you still want, then go for it.
    Best of luck with whatever you decide!
  14. by   fishcado
    That's great advice! I'm currently in publishing and have thought about EMT before considering a nursing career. I think for many of us interested in pursuing nursing it would benefit to see if this line of career interest us before diving right in.