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Georgia Gwinnett college .. Georgia State University

I took my TEAS and I scored 69.3 and my GPA is 3.64. I’m applying for the BSN programs at GGC and GSU. Does anybody think I have a chance of getting in for any of these programs?? I believe my TEAS score isn’t competitive enough since the English portion was a bit tough for me since English isn’t my mother language, but looking at my GPA and some volunteering hours.. 

Please share opinions and experiences, thanks in advance! 

Hey there I also apply for Gsu and GGC Spring 2021. I got 80 on TEAS and 3.63 GPA. I have talked to the counselors from these both schools. They said that the average acceptance score is 85% and GPA of 3.5. I’m so stressed out. Hopefully everything will be OK. Goodluck for you.


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