Georgetown WHC Scholarship discontinued?


Has anyone heard anything regarding 's WHC Scholarship program being discontinued for accelerated BSN students? That's the one that pays 80% tuition and you work at WHC for three years in exchange?

Reason I ask is I know that WHC had been in negotiations with the school about the scholarship program for the class of 2012. Now when I go to Georgetown's web site and click on the scholarships link, the WHC Scholars program is nowhere to be found. Or maybe I'm just not seeing it?


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Looks like you are right. Looks like they replaced with a $10,000 scholarship called the Clinical Scholars program. It is a 2 year work commitment.

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IMO, the WHC Scholarship program was the only reason to even look at . They seem to be the most expensive program in the area and have the most pre-reqs.


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Wow, what a shame!


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I too was concerned that the WHC scholarship had been discontinued as the information that was previously posted on the web site was gone. However, I still applied at the end of January and recently got a confirmation email with a timeline and the WHC scholarship information included within it. The email says the WHC program is offering an 80% scholarship with a 3 year committment upon successful completion, which I believe is the same opportunity. I wonder if they're changing the scholarship available for Spring 2013 and wanted to remove it from the web site now as to not mislead future students?

Has anyone gotten confirmation on the WHC scholarship? Is it still available? It's listed in their FAQs but it's not listed on the scholarship page.


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The scholarship was available for Spring 2013 when I applied so I'm not sure why it's not listed on the scholarship page anymore.

Good to know! I emailed them but haven't gotten a response yet! That scholarship is what draws me to their school the most

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WHC had removed the scholarship for a while, but they are bringing it back. I don't know the timeline, but Spring 2013 sounds about right.