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Gentamicin Questions


1) What is the mechanism of action of gentamicin? Does this have anything to do with the drug working by either simple chemical or physical action?

2) Are hearing problems and kidney damage the main problems that the patient can suffer with from taking gentamicin?

Are you asking us? Quizzing us? Homework?

What are your resources for finding this information?

I just need help understanding because I'm really confused.

Are you a student?

Yeah still learning. I was just really confused and needed help understanding this.

I get that but honestly the best way to learn this is to figure out what resources you have available and get the information there. So do that and come back with your thoughts and we will be happy to clarify. Straight up giving you the answers won’t help you. What part are you confused about.

I've tried researching but I don't understand the medical jargon. I thought it's easier to have it explained.

Okay so try to put it in your own words and we’ll help.


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Does your nursing program have a recommended Nursing Drug Guide to look up drug information along with nursing actions to observe? If not two free drug references that are helpful from U.S. National Library of Medicine,

MedlinePlus: Drugs, Herbs and Supplements Easy to understand
Learn about your prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. Includes side effects, dosage, special precautions, and more. -


Drug Information Portal ( (NLM) -indepth clinical info obtainable


Commercial sites:

Drugs.com https://www.drugs.com/ lists prescribing information + clinical pharmacology

Davis Drug Guide for nurses: lists nursing considerations https://www.drugguide.com/ddo/

All the information you are requesting is available in the above resources. Pull together answers to your questions, post your response here and members will be glad to help you understand the details/terminology.


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Literally a simple Google search explains this. If you are asking for yourself or a family member who is being prescribed this drug or any drug I'd recommend speaking with your primary care.

We were only given online textbooks. Thank you! I didn't even know those websites existed! I'll have to refer to those next time.


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Adult learners are expected to be self learners, unlike high school.

Google is often used to search for information links.

Use "Google Scholar" to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, thesis, books, abstracts and court opinions.

Use NIH For Healthcare Professionals portal to

Search Literature and Clinical Trials | Find Medical, Genetics, and Toxicology Resources | Locate Drug Information | Find Health Information for Your Patients |Learn about Health Data Standards Implementation | Nursing Resources https://www.nlm.nih.gov/portals/healthcare.html

Good luck in your classes.


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On 8/18/2020 at 8:03 PM, Mary3010 said:

We were only given online textbooks.

Many standard textbooks are available as hard copies or as online versions. Publishers are pushing colleges to choose online versions as they are easier to update, no paper printing or stock copies etc. To influence the choice of online versions they keep the cost much lower than print copies. Because the cost of textbooks is so high and can often be higher than tuition, schools often are looking to change to an online textbook. It sure beats lugging a huge book around!

That being said, is one of your online textbooks a drug handbook or a pharmacology text? Are you currently in a pharmacology course? I am glad the Davis site was referred to you. Unless your school has recommended a drug handbook, the Davis, in my opinion is the best on the market. Buying a used copy that is a year old can really lower the price. By the way, now is the time that Davis will release the 2021 edition, if you can afford it new. Books can be copyrighted as published in the next year if released in the last 3 months of the preceding year. Do know though that Davis is only a drug handbook, and a pharmacology course may require a formal pharmacology book that presents similar drugs in groups or categories.

If you are learning categories, it would be helpful to learn the category of aminoglycoside antibiotics, with Gent one aminogylycoside. What are adverse/toxic reactions/side effects of Gentamycin that are common of all aminoglycosides? Now you are learning a piece of information that is applicable to a class of drugs instead of memorizing with each drug. From A and P, what similarities in development are common to kidneys and ears? Why do many patients with chronic kidney failure also have hearing loss? As a nurse what lab value should I monitor when a patient in on Gent.

Hopefully my discussion of your learning will not overwhelm you. As you learn all the "building blocks" of nursing: A and P, pharmacology, administration of medications, you will see how they all dove-tail together. Learning in nursing is rarely tied to only one class topic.