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  1. Natural Therapies

    That's awesome that as a nurse you are providing music therapy, aromatherapy and using breathing techniques! I've never heard of the first 2 being done. With music therapy, do you only put music on or do you do other things like playing an instrument...
  2. Patient Feeding

    Thank you! Would you need to consult a nutritionist/doctor prior to give a patient any nutrition? (including hand-feeding)
  3. Natural Therapies

    Does that mean that you could incorporate music/art, yoga, relaxation or other natural therapies just not herbal medicine? Would you need an additional qualification to?
  4. Natural Therapies

    Can you use any natural therapies as a nurse to help patients? e.g using herbal medicine, music/art, yoga, relaxation or other natural therapies. If so, what could you do?
  5. Patient Feeding

    Do you need further qualifications as a nurse to give patients nutrition such as NG tubes, provide parenteral nutrition etc?
  6. Lab Work

    Thanks for that information! I just wasn't sure because I have heard of someone working as an RN in haemodialysis and as an RN in pathology. They studied nursing and a separate course in phlebotomy and another as a clinical/medical laboratory technic...
  7. Lab Work

    As a nurse have you had the opportunity to do laboratory work as a nurse? e.g using a petri dish to examine something or other tests to determine the health of a patient. If not, would research nursing involve this?
  8. Shift Work

    1. What days/hours do you work? (day/evening/night) 2. How are your hours scheduled? Are they different if you are working casually/part-time/full-time? 3. Do you have a say in your hours?
  9. Postgraduate Study

    Would the clinical teaching role be like a tutorial teacher? I was thinking either teaching nursing or just being an advanced practitioner doing advanced things like prescribing etc.
  10. Postgraduate Study

    Completing a Masters or PhD degree. Will a masters for instance allow you to implement more advanced skills in your practice or give you better hours/pay etc.?
  11. Postgraduate Study

    Is your work as a nurse different if you decide to undertake postgraduate study? 
  12. Emergency Nursing Areas

    Does working in the urgent care section of emergency mean that the nurse interprets scans and performs first aid duties such as managing wounds etc.?
  13. Emergency Nursing Areas

    That sounds really interesting!! As an emergency nurse do you have a designated role or do you jump tasks from being the triage nurse to working in trauma for instance?
  14. Emergency Nursing Areas

    It's basically just ordering care for patients who need it most in line to those who don't need it so urgently. I want to be the nurse who can treat patients who come into emergency with wounds that need dressing, maybe triage, give them IV's...
  15. Emergency Nursing Areas

    Hahah! So you work triaging patients right? Does that mean you may have to perform first aid duties as well?