Never let a recruiter tell you can't get into the ICU Speciality

  1. Hello all nurses,
    I wanted to write this story that recently happened to me so that new nurses, experienced nurses as well as nursing students that are about to graduate will be inspired. I have been nurse for exactly 1 year working on a tele floor. I always wanted to work in the ICU since I was in nursing school so that one day I could go to school to be a CRNA. I wasn't able to get a job in the ICU as a new grad so I put in my time on a tele floor. Recently I meet the minimum requirements to apply to ICU for my level 1 trauma hospital. I had a interview for a float ICU RN but unfortunately didn't receive a job offer. I was working with this recruiter that just focuses on ICU job opportunities. She sent me a email stating I still need to build my critical thinking and nursing skills and some ICU managers prefer you have 3 years of tele experience for you to even be considered a good candidate. Keep in mind they hire new grad RNs in the ICU at my hospital all the time its all who you know and politics. A nurse can be taught any speciality with proper training new grad or experienced nurse. I was offered a job recently in another ICU with another hospital system. It is a mixed ICU. The point of my story is to tell anyone reading this, never let someone tell you you can't do something. You pick your path and if you stay persistent you can get there. If I would have let that recruiter tell me to stay in tele for 2 more years I wouldn't have gotten the job offer.
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  3. by   Delia37
    For the position of float ICU nurse, (I am assuming your facility as a level1 trauma center, have several ICUs), you definitely need to have experience; since you are expected to hit the floor running. You mentioned a recruiter...were you applying for an agency/traveling job?; because just like the float position, you are expected to be experienced (facilities do no train agency or traveler nurses without critical care experience into the ICU). Regardless of the situation; congratulations on your new position, hopefully it will meet all your expectations.
  4. by   WindycityICURN
    no I was a internal candidate and she was a recruiter for the facility.
  5. by   raindrop
    Good for you!
  6. by   Spadeforce
    Recruiters lol. Besides the salary reports they put out they are essentially pointless middle men. On the same level of worthlessness as car salesman and HR workers. Here to take some of the icing off the cake without providing any real value to anybody.
  7. by   Gentleman_nurse

    I hear you and agree with you. Just to give you perspective. Recruiters are body seekers for the facility not a career counselor. They want to fill jobs quickly with a nurses who are the most acceptable, with the least risk or effort on their part. Not necessarily the most qualified nurses.
  8. by   Seeing Myself Out
    Haha, I couldn't even get into med-surg.