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Yesterday was the scariest day of my life. I woke up around 5:30 to go to the bathroom. I noticed that my panties were wet. So the first thing in my mind was that I had a little accident, hehehe...I... Read More

  1. by   Robin61970
    As long as you feel you are doing right then that is what is important!! Good Luck to you!
  2. by   Hooligan
    I'm so relieved and happy to hear that everything sounds like it's going to be OK!...Please don't scare us anymore!
  3. by   nursing 101
    Listen Fatima,
    School will always be around, with so many people having problems with having children... I always consider it a blessing if when someone gets pregnant. They will fire you from a job but guess who will support you? Your kids and DH...
    Have a healthy and strong baby!
    Do you know what's it's going to be? boy or girl?
  4. by   MelH
    :kiss I am thinking of you, fnimat!! Please get plenty of rest, I am sure everything will turn out fine! When are you due? Please keep us updated!
  5. by   fnimat1
    I'm due on January 30th B-Day!!....what a wonderful gift!!!

  6. by   MelH
    :roll that is wonderful, fatima!!!! Just get plenty of rest and all will turn out just fine! I am thinking of you!!!! Please keep us posted!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    fatima, i am glad to hear you and the baby are doing well. take care of yourself and keep us up-dated.
  8. by   giftedRN
    Hey Fatima,

    I had the same experience 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I bled a lot but the baby was fine. I bled for almost one week, very heavy bleeding. I went to my daughter about three days after bleeding heavily and told him that I have lost the baby. When he examined me he told me that my cervix was well in tact and he sent me to do an ultrasound. The baby was quite fine.

    You will be okay Fatima. I will be praying for you.

  9. by   CountrifiedRN

    I am so glad that you and the baby are doing ok. What a scary experience. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I know the doctor said that stress does not cause a miscarriage, but I do think it does affect a pregnancy, just my opinion. I had just started the nursing program back in 2000 when I found out I was pregnant, and I too decided to postpone the program until after I had the baby.

    I was working at a hospital as a CNA, and I cross trained to unit secretary because the CNA job was very demanding. There were about four other people at work who were pregnant also, we were within 1-2 months of each other. One CNA and 3 nurses. They continued working full time 12 hr shifts, and all four of them ended up going into early labor and had to stop working. We often wondered if it was the stress of the job, the unit was extremely busy, and the 12 hr shifts.

    I think you've done the right thing. As someone else said, school will still be there after you have your baby. I am now in my second year of nursing school, and I don't regret for a moment that I postponed school for family. You will make it to your goal, even if it is a little later than expected.

    For now, just get your rest and take care of you and your little ones. Best wishes to you!
  10. by   Dutchess
    Hope all is well with you. Your MIL was probably wanting to be a comfort. It's hard, I know, but hang in there. You're going to be on a lot of prayer lists today.
  11. by   Nurse Ratched
    This thread is 2 years old. Will close with thanks for the ongoing concern for this poster.