Working While in Nursing School Possible?

  1. I was just wondering if anybody worked while in nursing school with kids, or are in nursing school right now while working HOW DO U DO IT????
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  3. by   lizzyberry
    Working with kids
  4. by   LUXOR21
    I am currently waiting on acceptance to a BSN nursing program and can't afford not to work. I will be working 40 hours per week and take classes on weeknights and Saturday's. I also have a husband and two children.

    I recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Communications in 2006. Most semesters I took a full-time load (5-6) classes while doing the above. I did well in school and maintained my sanity at work.

    If nursing is something you really want it can be done. Effective time management and family support are my best suggestions.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Others have done it so I'm sure it is possible but I didn't work during school. I did work during the summer, part-time.

    My husband has a seasonal job and so winters we are always short on money.

    Looking back, I'm not sure how we did it. We just did. I wanted to be here for my kids as much as possible. Plus, my school was 70 miles away, which made for a long day.

    I have some friends who are going back for their BSN. That program sounds very doable - every Wednesday night for 18 months.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  6. by   Achoo!
    Part-time. I work Thursday and Friday nights, as well as 10 hour Sundays. That leaves Mondays and Saturdays for the kids after school activities. Straight A's so far but this semester ( 3/4) I am struggling alot more to keep afloat.
  7. by   2bNurseNik
    Work full-time, wife, mother of 1 (actually mother of 2 counting my husband).
  8. by   CT Pixie
    I work 30 hrs a week (I work from home for my company so I can pick and choose what time(s) and days I want to long as I get in 30 between Monday and Sunday..its all good)

    I have two daughters (a high school freshman and a kindergartener) I am married and attend a full time 15 mth LPN school.

    I also did full time college, married, full time working and 1 child. Pulled a 4.0.

    It can be done. My friend was going through a rough divorce, has 3 children (one with severe autism) and worked full time (40 hrs) she went through the same LPN school as I am going through and she pulled straight A's for all her classes. It can be done, you just have to learn to prioritize, have a support system, get organized, plan ahead and pick whats more important at a given it more important to study for that 5 chapter test or is it more important to make a fabulous dinner or a spotless house..etc
  9. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I work two 12 hr shifts every Sat+Sun, and an occasional evening 3-11 shift. I have a 4 yr old daughter and a husband who works a lot of overtime so I can afford to work only part time.
  10. by   squee-gee
    If you really want it, you find a way for it to work. I'm a RN student, work from 8:15 - 2:15 M-F, and have two kids(plus husband - thank god! It would be much harder without his support). Time is tight, there's no two ways about it. Even though I am enrolled in the "evening" program, some days we have to be there be 4pm (and school is 45 min. away). There are sacrifices to be made as well... my son (age 8) gets off the bus about 5 minutes before I have to leave for school, so I only see him for an hour in the mornings - I think that upsets me the most. Then there's the little problem of getting all the studying and reading done. But I'm doing it, and we're all getting used to the routine. One thing's for certain - I'm pooped when the weekend comes!:smilecoffeeIlovecof
  11. by   catnip
    It's possible, i work full time nights and go to school during the day, lets just say Mt. Dew is my best friend!!!
  12. by   JenMarie82
    I have a 2 year old son and a husband who works full time and also goes to college 2 nights a week. I have classes Monday-Thursday from 8 am - 1 pm (give or take 1/2 an hour some days) and a 1 hour commute each way. I also try and do at least 2 hours of studying/homework each night to stay on top of things. I work every Thursday night and every other Friday and Saturday night at the local hospital. I also sell Avon for a little bit of extra spending money for us. My husband could have taken a few years off of school and worked out of town making a lot more money but we decided it was important to keep our family together and cut back our spending instead. Most nights I get to bed about 11 pm and am up by 5 am but at least we know it is only for 3 years. It is a lot of hard work, but it can be done. I also use the website which teaches you to put simple routines in place to keep your house in order. Good luck! You CAN do it!
  13. by   NurseEllis
    excelsior college is my best freind, all online class no clinical or lecture. I have a family of 4 work 60-70 hours of work, and take classes on my time. I hope to be done with the medic to RN bridge program in 7-8 months

    non-traditonal learning is sometimes the only option for us full-time working parents.

  14. by   lizzyberry
    working,kids,school and really good grades! Good job! Things will get better after nursing school then it will only be work and family and thats managable but Congrats on everyone for being such hard workers!!