Wondering which road to take?

  1. I'm new to this board, and am hoping I might get some advice from those of you who have also wrestled with this situation.

    I am finally returning to school after an almost ten year abscense. I am 31 with a two year old. I have to retake my science pre-reqs since it's been so long, no matter what I do! My dilemma is this: should I take the path to become an LVN (I'm in Texas), work for awhile, then return for my RN, or just go for my RN? My husband and I have talked about the comittment it will take on all our parts for me to return to school. The LVN program I am interested in is twelve months, full-time. Right now I think that is something we can manage. And of course the RN program is two years, after I get my pre-reqs finished again.

    Does anyone have any advice about how you may have arrived at your decision? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   NurseAngie
    Hi studentmom,

    You never mentioned what your ultimate goals are. Choosing which nursing program is ultimately a PERSONAL choice. Only you know your budget , educational background, family and other obligations. I feel that if your goal is to become a registered nurse then that is the road you might want to go ahead and take. I'm a LPN and I am currently going back to become a RN. I chose LPN because my husband is active duty military and I was able to complete the LPN program prior to his transfer from Mississippi. It worked for me, but here I am again back in college, still working on the nursing degree. Perhaps you should visit both programs to get more insight on the LPN role and the RN role in nursing. It might help to jot your ideas on paper to help make a decision. Best of luck whatever you decide. (Talk to local nurses to get their point of view. They'll be able to advise you on local programs.)
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree with Angie... I debated on doing the LPN program because it was only a year and then I would be done.... But I KNOW that I want my RN and eventually get my BSN... And I want to work Labor & Delivery and some of the hospitals near me don't have LPN's in L/D... So I decided to go ahead and tough out the two years.... I already had all pre-reqs completed, which helped.... I "personally" feel that if you in the end want to be an RN, then go ahead and do the RN program.. Either program is VERY demanding and time consuming.... Good Luck with either decision...

  5. by   StudentSandra
    all nursing schools

    the choice is up to you!!! above is a link for all accrediated nursing schools in the us.

    one thing to look at is if there is a school that has an adn program with an lvnlpn exit after the first year. that way you can work as an lvn/lpn while completing the second year of the program.

    also check about what you are calling pre-reqs, i'm pretty sure legally in an adn program you have to be able to complete it within 2 years. most of us don't do it that way but it can be done. there are 5 people in my class taking "support" classes right along with nursing classes.

    since you well be retaking some of these classes it should be doable. you already have that info, hiding in the back of your brain somewhere.

    good luck on your quest!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. by   Brown Suga
    For myself I decide to take the ADN road. From my research the RN license there are more opportunities in the profession. As with the LPN license you are limited to your scope of practice. Once you are working with a company they offer tuition remiburstment and chances for continuing education. The program that I am in has decided to offer the program over the summer as a fast track. I hope to join then I would finish the program in a year and a half.

  7. by   KarenAR
    I am also 31, returning to school, and I have a 6 1/2 year old and a 3 year old. (So, I feel your pain - ha ha!)

    I really wanted to go straight to BSN, RN. But with kids, house, dog, etc., we really can't afford for me to be without a salary for very long. Luckily, there is a 14-month, 2nd-degree BSN program in my area - and it's at a top university. The funny thing is, they required fewer prereq's than the local community college did for me to enter their ADN program. And, the ADN program was going to take longer to finish.

    Right now, I have just started my last prereq, and I am waiting to hear from the university about my acceptance (too bad there is not an icon for crossed fingers...).

    Don't know if you can do the same thing in your situation, but that's how I'm doing it, anyway. (If I get accepted!)

    Good luck with everything!
  8. by   GPatty
    I was in a Bachelors program and quit because I wanted to work as a nurse before 4 yrs were up. And we certainly couldn't afford to have me out of work for that long! So we decided for me, that it would be easier to get my LPN first, then be working as I go for my RN the following year.
    But for you, it's a personal choice that depends on many things...
    Good Luck in all you do!
  9. by   DonB,RN
    I would get my L.P.N. first. The money's not bad, and a lot of schools will apply it towards your A.S.N. That's the route I took and I'm glad I did. It was the only practical way to go and be able to support my family. GOOD LUCK!
  10. by   blueiwahine

    I'm also going to school for nursing, I'm 38. I decided to go ahead and try for my BSN. I decided to do this because I knew if I went just for my RN, that I would not want to go back to school, once I started working. All my classmates keep asking why I don't apply for nursing school in the fall, that I'll just make $2.00 more an hr with a BSN, but I feel I won't be happy till I get that Bachelor of Science degree right off the bat. But that's just me.

    You've gotta do what makes you happy, and what you can handle time wise,and financially.