Why Do We Have To Wait So Long For Finals Grades? - page 2

:angryfire sorry to vent, but i feel that after a stressing semester of fundamentals and being well over ready for a break, why should i have to go through still being stressed? i mean our school... Read More

  1. by   ShimmyMeli
    :angryfire yes!!! I agree! we JUST took our final today (monday) and we have to wait till thursday ;/ I have been a big ball of stress for allll semester can't they just give us our grades so we can finally begin our vacation and HOPEFULLY relax ( or start with a plan B) I'm going crazy and can't think about anything else! any suggestions about what to do while waiting for grades to make the time go by faster? lol ok good luck to all and thanks
  2. by   moonischasingme1
    That sucks! I would go crazy too, but we take our exams on the computer, so as soon as we hit submit we see our grade.
  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Well, I edit my previous comment.

    Last semester, they didn't show us our final grade because they didn't want us to "give up" if we failed one class and become so distraught that we didn't study for the other classes.

    Apparently, they are doing that again this semester, but I don't know why; one class this semester has nothing to do with the other if you ask me.
  4. by   jov
    Quote from blackberry4eva
    i took finals on thursday and having to wait to monday or tuesday to get my grade? ... i want to relax a bit, but at the same time i am soooo scared of seeing my grade.
    ... is your grade going to change if you see it sooner or later? what's done is done. why not just go take yourself a bubble bath and get some light reading material and get a head start on the relaxing :smilecoffeecup: