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i dont understand why grown men and women act like idiots in my class. we are there to learn and to become nurses. there are grown men and women in my class that act a fool. they talk and laugh when... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Unfortunately, this problem with men and women misbehaving is a common problem in every social and professional circle. And we talk about teenagers being loud??????? It's an irritant to me as well. If they left home being loud, they'll probably leave earth the same way. :chuckle

    Solution to the problem is to professionally let them know that while they enjoy one another's conversation, classtime is not the proper setting to gab...save the gab sessions for between classes or after classes. If the problem continues, and your instructor is unable to quiet the noisy ones, go to the nursing head of the department and speak to her/him about the problem. Don't worry about being "unpopular". Some of America's greatest thinkers are among the list of unpopular people!
  2. by   graysonret
    I remember the ones in my school that chatted a lot during class. Interesting, those were the ones that fell "by the wayside" as time went on, or ended up at the bottom scrambling to graduate. Doubt they ever made it as nurses. Most of them were fresh out of high school.
  3. by   sbic56
    OK, this thread is getting awfully serious. Did any of you have any fun in school?? I think it is OK to lighten up sometimes, even in class, don't you?
  4. by   susanmary
    Originally posted by RN2007
    My Gosh, by the time I finally get started in my nursing program, because I have sooo much to learn so I can graduate, pass the boards, and because we actually have people's lives in our own hands when working with them as a nurse, I think the least that I can do is shut my mouth and pay close attention to the instructor so I can learn, learn, learn, and fast forward my future. Heck, I can gab with friends on break or a little in a study group, but I certainly do not want to get on the wrong side of my instructor and not learn what I need to learn so that I can be a good nurse.
    You will be an excellent student ... and I believe an excellent nurse.

    To the original poster, sure, there are times for laughs -- even in class -- but you are there to learn. In my experience, nursing students who act as if attending classes/clinicals is a joke ... eventually flunk out ... but not before they blame everyone else for their failures. It is up to the instructor to manage his/her class -- you need to meet with him/her and explain that the constant laughing/talking, etc. is interfering with your learning.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by sbic56
    ok, this thread is getting awfully serious. did any of you have any fun in school?? i think it is ok to lighten up sometimes, even in class, don't you?
    speaking for myself. yes, there are fun days in lecture and clinical [the instructors "throws" in a joke or two], however, trying to talk over/out talk the instructor is not only irritating to some but rude.

    some of the conversations are not pertaining to what's going on and it distracts from hearing and for those who tape their lectures.

    i am all for having fun but it is a time and place for all things, right?
  6. by   sbic56

    OK, I agree with you in that if anyone is merely trying to bring attention to themselves or out do the instructor, that's rude and disruptive, but at the same time, nursing and life are very serious subjects and I would never have made it this far in either if I hadn't had some fun along the way. Conversely, I imagine my grades would have suffered if nursing schoool were overly strict and confining, but that's maybe just me. I suppose we are talking about exteme levels of disruption on this thread...I had never witnessed that in either my LPN or RN program, fortunately; I can't imagine that even being tolerated by the instructors we had.
  7. by   jude11142
    I also had similiar experience in school. Being a 40 yr old returning to school, I never would expect to see/hear students esp. those my age and up acting out in class. But.......Wow, what the heck, some days it seemed as if I was in preschool. Sure, they were told multiple times to quiet down, not to use their cell phones, to wake up etc...........worked for maybe an hour at the most. As somebody already posted, these were the same students who had poor test grades, asked others for their notes,who challenged every test question(take unneccesary time to try to explain why their answers were correct) and though several failed out after the first semester others did not. So during the whole program, we were forced to put up with this. The instructors did not follow through on their threats of dismissal from program. It's not only disstracting to those trying to learn, but it'
    s downright rude behavior. There is a time and place for everything but during a lecture is not the time to goof off.

    I'm glad that it's over with. To any that are going through this now, I would suggest after complaining to instructor, if nothing is done to go up the ladder and complain. You are paying to learn, and should not have to deal with such behaviors.

  8. by   boopchick
    Yes! I've had to deal with this behavior in almost every single one of my classes and it is infuriating!!! One woman in particular from my A&P 118 lab was particularly annoying...always making rude or inappropriate comments...hope i never have the misfortune of seeing her in any of my nursing classes. :angryfire

    p.s.this woman wasn't "young" either
  9. by   nursebucky
    That is a pet peeve of mine also. I hate for people to talk when the teacher is talking!
    I am there to learn!
    I try to sit up front, as I can't afford to miss anything.

    In my A&P class, we had the most obnoxious young girl who would blurt out things about sex, feces, her past drug problems, etc. The teacher NEVER asked her to pipe down.
    Thank God she dropped the class on her own.
    I finished with an A after the distraction was gone.
  10. by   Nurse Bethie
    Sure, there is time for fun in classes, howver, we are dealing with issues and information that could mean life or death to our patients. I think what the real issues is....determining which are the moments for fun and laughs and which are the times to buckle down and get to work. It is fine balance but it is reachable. My nursing class and I had a great relationship with each other and all our instructors (save a notable few) and we set out in the beginning the rules for behaviour in our class session regarding talking, lateness, ets. This way everyone was part of the rule making and everyone was aware of the consequences. This made it really easy to stop the behaviour as we were all responsible for the rules we made. It is an idea for small tutorials maybe not so practical for lectures but...maybe!
    Good luck with your classes!
  11. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    I once sat in front of two young men who brought huge bags of chips to class and would then persit in rattling and crunching the chips and bag during the lecture. After sitting through several of these "noisy chip sessions" and requesting they please either eat a quieter food or at least stop crinkling the bag, I lost it. I stood up, grabbed both bags of chips and marched them to the garbage can. Ever since, I have been known to them as the Chip Natzi. After that, lectures were much easier to follow!:stone
  12. by   jenrninmi
    Wow, that's a shame, it really is. My school is pretty expensive, and if we had that problem, I'd be kicking up some he**. Most of the people are pretty young, and IF they are working, they definately don't have a job that provides reimbursemant. A lot have scholarships though, and they do for a reason - because they don't screw around in class. JMO
  13. by   wonderbee
    I think that it's because they can get away with it that they do it. I take an art course fulfilling my humanities. How I hate core courses. One of the students in the back of the room holds court in the corner in the back. The conversation is constant and it's loud enough to hear on the other side of the room. Does the instructor take care of business with this student? No. So I did. I have, twice, interrupted the lecture and asked the student to give the rest of us a break.

    This is the instructor's responsibility. In my micro class, you can hear a pin drop when the instructor lectures. She would not tolerate inconsiderate interruptions.