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  1. Nurse Bethie

    Accelerated BSN or 4 year BSN thru Mac

    Trousse, The program at Con-Mac does not have a way to specialize, however in 3rd and 4th year you have a say in where you do your clinical placements. As lalaxton said, you can guide you learning to where you want to go. I encourage you to keep you mind open - I though I knew what I wanted to do when I started nursing school (L&D) and ended up in a whole different area (trauma) and then came into teaching (here at Conestoga). There is a whole world of opportunity - do not put on blinders, you may lose some excellent experiences. If you really want to do something over the summer, check out your basic anatomy & physiology and look at Problem Based Learning (PBL) which is the method of study in this program. PM me if you want more info. Good luck - enjoy your summer and drop by to see in the Clinical Learning Centre when you get here!
  2. Nurse Bethie

    Mcmaster Conestoga BSN prgram

    Are you attending the Conestoga site for the collaborative? If so, I will be one of your contacts in the program. I work in the Clinical Skills Lab whre all your "hands-on" skills are taught and practiced. I have also worked at the Mohawk site and I am very familiar with the whole program. Please feel free to send me a message and I will help you out in anyway I can!
  3. We are just starting with our high fidelity Human Patient Simulators and I am wondering how others are using them within their nursing curriculum. I am responsible for the Clinical Skills Lab and will be the front line in introducing and operating these wonderful tools. I am very exciting about introducing them and I know that the students who are aware of the program are too. I am worried about some of the faculty who at this time are voicing their intention not to change and integrate this technology into "their" clinical course. How are others doing with this? Am I in a pretty normal place...with some enthusiasm and some fear from my faculty? I would love to hear from anyone who is working with this technology.
  4. Nurse Bethie

    TOP TEN LIST: basic skills you should master..fast!!!!

    What a great thread! I am glad to see students interested in the skills needed for success. I agree with the other skills like assessment, sterile technique but the number one for me is MEDS! Having a good grasp of the 5 (or 6) rights and the 3 checks is essential to any nurse. Also you basic aseptic technique related to medication administration. I realize that on clinical you have seen some interesting interpretations of the guiding principles but good med skills (based on evidence and literature, not "the way we have always done it") will be an asset no matter where you work! Good luck and keep up good practice!
  5. Nurse Bethie

    What to expect 1st semester of nursing school???

    Congratulations! You have a fun, difficult and rewarding road ahead of you. My advice (as a Clinical Skills Instructor, myself) is to always be prepared and admit when you are not sure of something. If a student comes to me with some information under their belt and then asks a question - I am more than happy to help them locate the answer (I rarely give them the answer as I find that if you help students to use resources then they become more confident in their own research skills for when I am not around). If a student comes to me and says they know nothing about a topic and want me to spoon feed it to them, I send them to the library to do a little reading and then we can talk about their questions. Just be confident in your abilities and enjoy each expereince as it comes. Good luck!
  6. Nurse Bethie

    What is a Saratoga Tube?

    The student states that the tube was in the abdomen (like a G tube) but looked like a salem sump tube. Have you ever heard of this before? The students mentioned that the nurses were irrigating through the blue vent tube which was the most confusing part! Thanks for your help!
  7. Nurse Bethie

    Saratoga Tube

    Help! What is a Saraoga tube? I have been asked by one of my students and I have no idea. Please help! Thanks Beth
  8. Nurse Bethie

    Does anyone have skills checklists?

    "Modules for Basic Nursing Skills" by Ellis, Nowlis and Bentz has excellent skills checklists. It is a great resource for skills in general. It is concise and procides excellent rationales for students.
  9. Nurse Bethie

    What is a Saratoga Tube?

    Please help! I am a nursing instructor and one of the clients on our floor has a Saratoga tube...I have no idea what this is. I am hoping that you can help me to explain it to my students are direct me to reference so I can learn about it. Thank you! Beth
  10. Nurse Bethie

    Clinical Skills Lab Suggestions

    Thank you again for all your great suggestions! I think that the comments about food in the lab are right...we do not allow food in our lab - just water in bottles - for those students who just practice for hours and hours! I am hearing that there are lab hours in evenings and weekends...are there lab instructors/techs there at those times? We are open M-T 0800-1700 and F 0800-1600 with one instructor always here - evening and weekends are available bu there is no instructor or tech - it has to be two or more health sci students. Also, I am hearing a lot about upper year studenst assisting 1st year students. Are these paid students "tutors" or is it part of the curriculum? My students are loving the feedback from you as well...they think it is awesome to hear the expereinces of other students from all over and that they are not the only one's feeling some frustration in certain areas. Thank you again! :redpinkhe
  11. Nurse Bethie

    Got any funny acronyms at your ER???

    I had a doc in trauma who like to order CTB-KLO Coffin to bedside - Keep lid open!
  12. Nurse Bethie

    Clinical Skills Lab Suggestions

    Wow! I am impressed by the amount of feedback! Thank you so much! I appreciate that time, space and individual attention are the greatest difficulties in the lab setting. I am shocked at the teacher to student ratio that some of you described. I cannot imagine those numbers and there being any effectiveness in teaching/learning. Do you find that the more sophisticated computer driven simulators are helpful in learning or do you prefer the simpler mannequins that basically allow you to preform the task with no computerized feedback? Would the use of these simulators help with the teacher to student ratio problem - could the simulator give you enough feedback to help you? I am learning so much - I hope you don't mind continuing the discussion! Beth :redpinkhe
  13. Nurse Bethie


    Hi! Delegating ADL tasks is a topic up for debate. If you look at an article from Nursing2004 (November, p.57) called "Are you Too Posh to Wash?" and the follow up letters in Nursing2005 (January p.8) there is a arguement for not delegating those ADL tasks. May be this will spark some debate in your class. I think that the delegatable tasks are dependant on the patient and the current status of the unit. There is no clear and cut line as to which tasks I will delegate...it changes minute to minute. Good luck on your project!
  14. Nurse Bethie

    Clinical Skills Lab Suggestions

    Hi! I am an instructor in the Clincal Skills Lab (mock hospital unit) at a Nursing College. I am looking for suggestions and feedback from students nurses from all over the place. I have gotten feedback from my own students about what they like and dislike in our lab but this is the only lab they know! So I am asking for your help...what are the best and worst things about your Clinical Skills Labs? What would you want more or less of? What would make it a place that is not just from practicing skills but a welcoming and fun environment that is part of your everyday nursing school experience? I hope you can all help me out so that I can use your suggestions and pass them along to Clinical Nursing Instructors from other school and make your school experience that best that we can! Thank you all! Beth :redpinkhe
  15. Nurse Bethie

    Any young nurse educators out there..

    This is a great discussion! I am 29 (almost 30) and I am full time at a nursing college in Ontario. I actually head up the Clinical Skills Lab (on campus mock hospital area) and have found many different reactions. I do not find that the students have difficulty accepting me as the instructor (and yes they call me by my first name). They accept me because I am here to help and they like having a friendly face. I find that the faculty who have been educators for a long time have the greater difficulty. I still work caual as a home care nurse to keep my hand in the ever changing patient care realm, and I find that it is older faculty who find me threatening in some way. The fact that I am young and have a permanent full time position may be the problem. What do you suggest to help me become a part of the team rather than "the new kid"? Thank you alll!
  16. Nurse Bethie


    I agree with the advice you are getting. It is most important part of a transfer is communication and eye contact. Ensure that you give simple instructions, one step at a time and wait for ackowledgement of the instructions before proceeding. I find that the students I give the highest marks to (I am a clinical skills instructor at a nursing college) are the students who demonstrate honesty (admitting when they make an error) and compassionate (asking the client if they are ok at each step of the transfer and confirm understanding of the instructions). This is all new to you....so as you continue with you nursing education things will seems more familiar. Remember to keep practicing those most basic skills throughtout your education...there is nothing more important than the hands on interection with your client. Keep your chin up...we all stumble before we run.....you will be great becuase you are looking to be better.... Good luck! :)